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Weekend Update

This weekend I saw The Avengers. It was, in a word, AWESOME. (It has to be all caps. It’s THAT good.)

After the movie, I went to Red Robin. It was good. I had their Blue Cheese burger minus those foul onion straws. (BLECH.) I also had one Cinco de Mayo Ultimate Margarita. It was good.

After reading the previous paragraphs I have begun to realize that I sound like the first chapters of Genesis. Sorry. I had no sleep last night. I have been majorly stressed out and worked up. Every single time I got close to sleep my brain would shout “…BUT WHAT IF THIS NEW AND HORRIBLE THING HAPPENS?” This would prompt another half an hour of planning for the worst in my head.

Tonight, there will be Melatonin. There will be warm milk. There will be sleep.