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Weekend Update: Congo River Mini Golf

This past weekend the kids and I planned to go to Congo River Mini Golf. Since Jack has a tendency to monopolize my time when he is with me I’ve been trying to leave him with Daddy so that I can hang out with Max and Annie. I knew Max would love it, but I wasn’t sure about Annie.

When we arrived I checked in on Foursquare. I knew that there was a web coupon, but when I tried to print it at home it wasn’t possible. I asked the cashier/adventure guide about the discount and when I showed him my foursquare check in he gave it to me because he said he knew I had internet access. BAZINGA! (A dollar off of each player is a good thing when adults and children ten and older are $9.29. Kids under ten are $8.29.)

If you didn’t know, Congo River is 18 rounds of mini golf and a scavenger hunt. If you find everything in the scavenger hunt you get scratch off tickets for prizes and discounts off of other activities they have there like feeding the alligators and panning for gold.

We golfed from youngest to oldest. I could tell from Annie’s first stroke that this would be an interesting game. I could also tell that it was a good thing that they have a six stroke maximum per hole. Annie’s method involved hoping for the best and hitting the ball. No aiming required.

Max is more focused. He celebrates every good stroke and bemoans every other stroke. At one point he screamed “I HATE GOLF!” I took this to be a good sign because it was at that moment I knew he was getting the full experience.

After over an hour of golfing and scavaging we came to the 18th hole. Annie was up first. About 9 holes ago I had started giving advice and though she ignored it the rest of the game she seemed to take it all in at once. She calmed down, she aimed her body, she took her shot. HOLE IN ONE! I am not kidding. For the same hole Max took 3 shots and I took a ridiculous six and didn’t even get it in.

The end of game score left me in first, Max in second, and Annie in third. VICTORY!

After we finished the game the children fed the alligators. Then they fed the goldfish. Then they wanted to pan for gold and gems, but I drew the line there. It was enough. I took everyone home and basked in my victory.