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Missing Post

Last week, I posted about the Westboro Baptist Church. It was a long post with links pointing to things that made and backed up my post. That post disappeared. I don’t know why or where it went, but it’s gone.

At first, my feelings were hurt and I was furiously angry. I was so angry, that when I went to do my Blog Talk Radio show on Tuesday and discovered the fact that it was missing, I couldn’t go on. It was the bulk of what I had planned to talk about, for one thing. The other thing is that I previewed the post, saved the post, posted the post, and then I went to the post to check it when it was live. I know it posted.

So, I had to decide what to do. I have decided that I will not rewrite the post. I said all I wanted to say and it was perfect in every way. I can’t recreate it, so I won’t try. I’m moving on.



I have long wished to be a gardener. Generally, I want to garden vegetables. I like to be able to eat the fruits of my labor. Last year, I planted several kinds of tomatoes. I have a topsy turvy type deal. I got it for two dollars and the commercials were very convincing.

When I was a child, my mother and my stepfather grew tomatoes and watermelon. The watermelon were eaten by animals, but I remember the taste of the tomatoes. They were sweet and still warm from the sun. The had a little extra something that those grocery store fruits just never had.

As a matter of fact, I think most of the folks in my neighborhood grew something. The neighbors across the street had orange and grapefruit trees. They used to let us climb up and take what we wanted. When you grow something like that you always have more than you can handle and you’re trying to find someone, anyone, to take some. It’s awful for something so wonderful to go to waste.

I know a man next door to us used to keep pigeons. I don’t know if he ate them or not, but despite being somewhat crazy in other regards, he was kind to the birds. (Pigeons are apparently a very common food in France, so it’s not really gross if you think about it. I wouldn’t want to eat a New York City pigeon though. Ew.)

I put Jack down for his nap and I went out to settle in my plant. This year I only bought one. If I accidentally let it die, again, I am only out three bucks and a tiny bit of self esteem. (PLANT KILLER! PLANT KILLER! BLACK THUMB!)ff

Here’s to you, Kid.


>Update: What the heck’s been going on?!

>Recently, work has been incredibly busy. My boss moved away from the office and all of my work time is actually 100% necessary for completing the work that I do. In the past, I had some time to jot things down. I feel like a neglectful pen pal.

As you all know, I got married a few months ago. I then moved into my husband’s house. That has been an adjustment. I think that I underestimated the sheer volume of things that I would lose and things that would have to change. I still feel kind of overwhelmed by it, but it’s getting better. My cats seem to have adjusted pretty well. Instead of sleeping with me, they sleep by the door. I’ve only about killed myself tripping on them a million times. You’d think I would remember them being there by now, but it’s not really the first thing on my mind when I walk out of the door in the morning.

Now, we’re having a baby. I mean, not this exact moment, but at the end of the year. This is a definite change. Max and Annie are completely thrilled. James and I are very happy about it, but I am nervous. I am not really concerned with my parenting skills or about labor and delivery. It just seems that the moment I have a baby that everything goes completely wrong. I am less worried about it this time, because I am a lot older. I know what to do in case of things hitting the fan. I know what I am capable of. I worry less about what to do if that happens and more about how to keep it from happening.

>Let’s Talk about Dating. Part II – Person Selection

>In my last post, I gave an outline of how I view the dating process. The first step, and the one we’ll discuss today, is: Select person (or be selected by a person.)

Selecting a person is harder for some people than for others. Some people see a person that is visually appealing and that can be enough to warrant asking a person on a date. Some people need to actually speak to a person to become interested.

In the first case, everyone has things they like. We have men who like butts or boobs. We have women who like butts or swear the first thing they notice are eyes. Personally, I am a hand person. I cannot date a person with the wrong kind of hands. What kind are the right kind? Um… the right kind. There isn’t any one thing about the hands. They just have to be right. I have to be able to envision the hands touching me and not feel gross about it. I know it’s wrong. There are so many more things to a person than hands, but they have to be right. The only clear sign I have of bad hands are the hands of nail biters. I don’t mind a little nail biting or even nail peeling, but nails that are bitten down into the quick are just not acceptable.

Now that we know that I am a freak, I mean, that I like hands we move on to the next step. The acquisition of the date. This generally requires person A to have a dialogue with person B. Here is a general idea of how this has worked in my case:

Person A: Greeting
Person B: Return greeting
Person A: Small talk
Person B: Small talk (laughing at jokes is also acceptable.)
Person A: Exhibit, explain, or imply attraction.
Person B: Reciprocate or Reject.
Person A: If attraction is mutual suggest a meeting at a future date. (If rejected move on and continue the hunt.)
Person B: Accept or Reject.
Person A: If the future meeting is accepted exchange information (phone numbers are best, but email works too.) If the future meeting is rejected attempt to exchange information anyway. Express gratitude.

The above is only for finding a person in person, obviously. Internet dating looks something like this:

Person A: View profiles until you find someone that you could potentially achieve your relationship goals with. Wink, give roses to, or message said person.
Person B: Ignore, respond, wink, or give roses back.
Person A: Send a message saying “What do you like to do for fun?” THIS IS MANDATORY!
Person B: Respond leaving out the weird crap or ignore.
Person A: Comment on whatever it is they like to do for fun. Include one emoticon minimum.
Person B: Respond to the response or ignore.
Person A: Suggest meeting in real life.
Person B: Approve or reject.

Now that we have figured out how selecting a person works we will attempt to explore being selected. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief(ish.)

I would say that the best way to get a person to select you is to gently convince the other person that they are attracted to you and that they want to ask you out. This is not always a planned event, though it certainly has been planned in the past. Conveying interest is a way to ease the concerns of the other party should they be interested in you. They will be more confident in asking you on a date because you have implied interest first.

Next time, we will explore Attempting to have intelligent conversation. I can hardly wait.


>What have I been up to?

>My time has been pretty filled up lately. It’s better for me that way. This is what is filling it up.

  • Relay for Life – I am constantly thinking of ways to make this successful. I’d love to have you join my team or donate.
  • Watchmen opening – I have invited about 50 people to come see the film at The Veterans 24 in Tampa at midnight opening morning. If you didn’t get an invite, you are not local or not on my facebook friendslist. You are still welcome, of course.
  • Camping – I was supposed to go camping with the Boyscouts next week. That was cancelled yesterday, but I have a tent for next time now. No, I am not big into camping, but for my kids, I’ll get into it.
  • Helping Chris, AKA @dorkland on Twitter, plan for the 3/14/09 lunch meet up we are planning. (Not on Meet Up officially.) We are still looking for a good place to meet in the afternoon for a meal with 20+ people.
  • Reading Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. Ross (@Rosswinn) had a hissy fit (and he knows it) and promised to CHILL if I read it.
  • Reading The Angel RPG that was given to me by Chris.
  • Keeping up with housecleaning. Until Brad, @tommyboyz8, moved in, I wasn’t really a neat freak. Suddenly, I find myself irritable about things being messy or smelly.
  • Trying to come up with something interesting to post at . I have written several things and hated them all. I hope this week I can make something work for me.