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>My middle name IS trouble. How did you guess?

>This weekend, was going to be a wonderful weekend. I had a free pass to a convention. I had a giftcard for the mall and a precise plan to spend it. I had hopes and dreams and kittens.

Unfortunately, I am an idiot.

Friday night was exactly as it should have been. I spent my time with my boyfriend. It was perfect. Saturday dawned and we had breakfast at Tiffany’s, my favorite breakfast restaurant in Tampa. After breakfast, I headed Tampa to Necronomicon. I saw Patricia Briggs and Richard Lee Byers on the first panel. They were engaging and funny. Afterwards, my friend took me to meet her. She is absolutely genuine and nice. I loved meeting her.

The second panel I went to was about E-Publishing and DRM. It was killer. It was mainly great because of Ed Howdershelt. He is a Science Fiction writer and he only publishes electronically. He’s got a no nonsense attitude and looks like he stepped out of a Jimmy Buffet video. (Granted, I think he’s get fed up with Jimmy and knock him upside the head with a parrot or something.) The panel was wonderful and full of good info, but Ed stirred things up. If he thought a question was stupid or irrelevant, he said so. I was told he did this in a few panels where he wasn’t a guest. It made me laugh.

I had lunch with my friends Ross and Nicci and then I moved my car so it wouldn’t get towed. I then attended a Panel about the possibility of paperless currency. It was a good panel with good opinions and points on both sides and in the middle.

After the last panel, I decided to head home. There was one problem. My car was missing. It had been towed. It was my fault and I am an idiot, but it was too late to freakout about it at that point. I made a few phone calls and found out where my car was. Then I called my boyfriend who rescued me and helped me get the car back. He was very nice about it.

The next day I was driving home to take my brother to get a shirt for the job he found, when I noticed a pair of flashing lights behind me. This officer was pleased as punch to have pulled me over. I don’t know if I fulfilled his quota or what, but the bounce in his step pretty much guaranteed that I would not be let off with a warning. He was very nice and I was polite and respectful. He was right, I had been speeding.

I had planned to go back to the convention, but after all of that I decided it would be best to just go home and bake and that’s what I did. Cameron and I got his shirt, so he’s now ready for work. (He starts today. Wish him luck.)

My boss gave me a gift certificate for a local mall, so Sadia, Cameron, and I went to International Plaza. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I loathe shopping and that my mother buys the majority of my clothing. I needed a bra though and most stores don’t carry size freak show.

We went to Dillard’s. I don’t like people touching me and the manager of the department wanted to fix my bra. She kept feeling my back and saying that my bra needed to be adjusted. I told her no, three freaking times, and then she handed me a bra and ordered that I try it on. My (traitor) friend, Sadia, did not help at all and actually encouraged this. She then had the audacity to laugh hysterically when I was told that I needed a size that I didn’t want more than the size I already had.

I decided that I had enough torture for one day, so we gathered up my brother and went home. In some bizzare and totally sober twist of fate, we all ended up making clay and beads that afternoon. Cameron decided that he was not skilled anough after a while and left it to the ladies. I made a killer leaf and some ornaments that I plan to sell on Etsy. I’m going to need the money if I plan to pay all of these tickets and keep myself in cookie supplies.

>Special thanks to Chuckles.

>It’s 4:30am. I have not been to sleep yet. I’d still be wandering around Brandon if it wasn’t for Chuckles and his lovely associate. I think her name is Linda.

I left my house at 2:04am. I went over the Skyway Bridge and immediately took the wrong turn onto I-75 Southbound. I should have taken the Palmetto US41/US301 Exit. I ended up very far Southwest of where I needed to be. I stopped for gas and considered asking the attendant for directions at the first 7-11, but she was not polite and kind of looked like she was on Meth.

I carried on, going the wrong way some more, until I came to another 7-11. I thought to myself that the parking lot looked empty, so at least I wouldn’t be bothering anyone. The employees, Chuckles and Linda, immediately stopped what they were doing to help me figure out where I was and where I should be. Suddenly, we heard a loud commotion. We looked outside to see the parking lot was now full, completely. A club next door had closed and all of the club goers decided to simply move the party to the 7-11 parking lot. Classy AND sassy, if you ask me. People were dancing in the parking lot and everything.

Since I couldn’t go anywhere and I had figured out my next leg of my journey, I joined Chuckles outside while he smoked a cigarette. We started talking and he said he was a gamer, as in RPG’s. I asked him what he played. He said he played D&D and Cyberpunk. My eyes lit up. @rosswinn, my friend, had a part in writing Cyberpunk, I tell him. I tell him about @dorkland and his writing and publishing company. It was then on like Donkey Kong. Suddenly, we were discussing gaming, Goths, Star Trek Clubs, and conventions.

I ended up giving him a business card and a link to this site, so that he could connect to the rest of the dorks that I know and love.

About that time a police officer came and blared his siren. Everyone left, and so did I. Thanks to the infallible directions of Chuckles, I was where I needed to be in under ten minutes.

I just got home and even though I’m tired, I’m glad I collected another story to tell.