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>Recently Watched

>I never used to watch TV, but now that I am home all the time I find my butt in front of the tube more and more.

Today, I watched Stigmata – Marked for Life from the History Channel. (Please don’t confuse this with the Patricia Arquette film Stigmata, though I watched that recently also.) Jack watched part of the documentary with me. There was one monk in particular that made Jack giggle and grin every time he was on screen. He was very thoughtful and serious, but Jack found him amusing.

We also watched The Order of Myths which is a documentary about Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama which is still segregated. It was a very strange thing to see, but I recommend the film. I was surprised that though both groups claimed that the segregation is by choice, only the white group denied admittance to African Americans in their official functions. This policy even applies to interracial couples, the African American spouse is denied admittance.

My DVD for tomorrow is on Algebra. I’ll spare you the details.