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>New celebrity crush and what I thought of the Terminator film.


Sam Worthington

Sam was in Terminator Salvation as Marcus Wright.

Reasons I like S.W.

1. He’s very very attractive.

2. He has passed the hand test.

3. He can kick major ass.

4. He’s not too thin. (Christian Bale needs to eat something.)

5. He has a speaking voice that I like hearing.

6. Lastly, he looks hot in a trench coat.

What did I think about Terminator Salvation?

The first thing impression that I had was that Sammy is the hottest thing on two legs. After I got over that, I kind of felt like TS and it’s makers had forgotten what movie they were making. At one point I felt like I was watching Transformers. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Transformers, and was super psyched during the previews, but there was so much focus on the machines that it felt strange.

Why might that have been okay? All the other Terminator movies occured prior to Judgement Day. The machines hadn’t yet had a chance to fully exhibit their progress, since the only real technology that we had seen previously had been the Terminators themselves.

I did miss the melty metal that had been in some of the previous films. That stuff was seriously bad ass. You’re telling me that they have no use for it now? LAME!

I know a lot of folks are saying the film sucked. To be honest, it did not suck. It wasn’t the best movie I had ever seen, but I felt like it stayed close enough to it’s roots.

It was certainly not the awesome movie that was Star Trek, but they did well.