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>Fedex Smartpost

>Exactly what is smart about Smartpost from Fedex? From what I can tell and what I have experienced, it’s a ridiculously slow service. It’s more expensive than USPS, but slower. The absolute only plus side is that you have a tracking number that is actually functional. USPS first class has no legal obligation to ever update their tracking information, but I have had pretty decent luck with them anyway.

When I pay seven dollars for Old Navy to send me a half pound shirt, I’d like to get it in under a week. They could use priority mail for under five dollars and have it to me in two days after leaving their warehouse.

COURTNEY DON’T PLAY THAT, OLD NAVY! I know shipping times and costs. I got an email on Monday that the package had shipped and it won’t be here until August third. Seriously? Where is the convenience of the internet now? I could have actually gone to the freaking mall by this point, and you guys know how much of a procrastinator I can be.