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>Where is Sarah Jessica Parker when I need her?

>Jack is not coming out. He’s very comfortable. I, on the other hand, am very uncomfortable. What we have here, folks, is a failure to launch.

I know Jack isn’t due until October 13th. I understand that he’ll come when he’s ready. I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. To a certain extent, it’s not even the pregnancy that is driving me crazy. It’s the being home alone with very little to do. I’m not really a good housewife candidate.

Here is what a typical day is like for me:

  • Wake up when my husband’s alarm goes off.
  • Ignore his “go back to sleep” command.
  • Stay in bed and watch him iron his clothes and head out for work.
  • Attempt to go back to sleep.
  • Exit the bedroom, still in jammies, and greet cats.
  • Make a cup of tea and allow it to steep.
  • Check email. facebook, and RSS feed while watching my neighbors with a life walk their dogs, go for jogs, and leave for work.
  • Realize that an hour has passed and I forgot my tea. Start the tea process again.
  • Take phone calls and texts from my mother and friends where the answer is essentially “NO, I have not have the baby yet.”
  • Remember the tea. (Awesome. Earl Gray, I love you.)
  • Pace around the house, talk to the cats, and struggle to think of things to do.
  • Do laundry. We always have at least one load since we have a tiny washer.
  • Consider making a baked good despite the fact that I probably won’t eat it and my husband probably can’t eat it.
  • Take another round of phone calls in which the answer is still “No, I haven’t had the baby yet.”
  • Attempt to take nap and fail.
  • Fold the laundry.
  • Wait for my husband to get home and sometime watch Dancing with the Stars.

I’m not a whiner, but I can’t wait until Jack gets here. I know that the next couple of months will be hard and that I’ll basically be begging God to let me sleep just a little, but at least I’ll have a focus.