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>Writing and why I seem to not be doing it.

>Did you know that in addition to this blog I write for three other blogs?

I write for Hotbuckles, Renter’s Regret, and I just started writing for The Kind of Cat Lady. I feel like I have been neglecting my writing lately and I apologize.

When I write for Hotbuckles it’s probably the most challenging. I’m not representing myself. I’m supposed to be writing about things that are important to the company. Unfortunately, whatever pops into my skull simply will not do. I have a small list of things to write about and for some reason, it seems to be a struggle.

I haven’t written for a few months over at Renter’s Regret. I was so furious with a situation that I wanted to scream out the details. I felt like it was a bad move and every time I intended to write something coherent, I wrote out a hateful rant. That’s not really the direction I want the blog to go in, so I had to let it go for a little while. You can expect a few things up there this week. I have some new topics that I’m excited about.

I have written for The Kind of Cat Lady (or The Cat Lady Chronicles) recently. I could talk about cats all day, but whether you, the reader wants to read it is another issue entirely. I will be posting a few things there this week too. I’m super excited about that.

For this site, you’re at by the way, I had planned to have some write ups on some restaurants I visited. The first was for The New York Skyline Restaurant in Palm Harbour. I visited. It was delicious and everything you could dream of in a breakfast place, but when I returned this past Sunday it had been closed and sold! My heart broke! My stomach grumbled! I had to go somewhere else.

My boyfriend suggested we go to The East Lake Cafe. The next blog post will describe that experience!