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>The Music That Moves Me

>I am home all the time now.

Correction: I am home with Jack all the time now.

I used to listen to all kinds of music, but Jack only seems to love the music that I sing with. He’s not big into rap, mostly because I have a speech impediment and rapping is hard for me, even if I wasn’t the honkiest person alive. (I have absolutely zero street cred.)

Jack really seems to enjoy the musical stylings of Glee. I like it also, but it’s really easy to sing with since most of it is meant to be sung by a group of people. It’s easy to find your place and really belt it out. Jack thinks that is the funniest thing ever. If we dance while I’m singing he thinks that is even better. It seems that his favorite song is “Hello Goodbye” originally by The Beatles.

Even as I play the video now, Jack is kicking his legs like crazy.

>I love this song.

>Earthbound by Rodney Crowell

I am really not sure why this song appeals to me so much, but I like it. It just feels so pleasant. It’s a song about reasons that we might want to stick around and not die too soon. I think there are so many songs about how horrible peoples lives are and how great the afterlife is going to be, but not many songs that talk about enjoying what we have while we’re here which is the entire point of living.

>Well, I haven’t done that in a while

>Today, I was listening to Pandora and I heard this song that I liked so much that I actually bought the CD from Amazon. The song is called Groovy Gravy and it’s Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby. I really love it. I know I probably could have downloaded the MP3 or whatever, but I still like my CDs.

>Tuesday Tunes

>Today I heard some good stuff on the radio. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but recently I’ve been letting Country and Bluegrass fill up my mornings.

This song is so pretty, but incredibly sad. Personally, I’m glad I saw it without the video. What is happening to their heads? It’s like the Bee Gees stylist from the 70’s and Justin Beiber’s current stylist got together to form some Hellmouth of hair. I’m going to get sucked into the 13 second mark and buzz those boys. Also, what’s with the weird suits and skinny ties? I think the woman is very pretty in the kind of striking way. She has a mouth like Tyne Daly, who I like a lot. Her hair reminds me of Rod Stewart, but that’s okay.

Lyrically, it’s a lovely song.

>Weekend Update


  • 1 child
  • 3 games of Monopoly
  • 1 Urbz Penthouse acquired

Max was over this weekend for a make up weekend. It’s rare to have him alone, but we had a good time and everyone seemed happy. He slept slightly later than usual, but he stayed up slightly later too, so that had a good deal to do with it.

Saturday, we took Max to Hardee’s. He’d never been there and he wanted to try it. I personally thought it was an experience he could have lived without, but in the interest of letting him try new things, we went. It was pretty mediocre. He didn’t like the hamburger, but he thought my chicken tenders were good. He ate my onion rings too. James and I agreed that the oil was not fresh, so everything could have been better, but it’s Hardee’s so you can’t expect too much.

We got home early on Friday night, so we played Disney Monopoly. My husband spent a good portion of the game sitting in jail and insisting that it was the ultimate strategy. I argued that it was against the rules since they explicitly state that you may roll the dice three times, but then you have to pay to get out of jail. He argued that if you had no money you might be allowed to sit in jail. This was a non-issue since he had more than enough to pay to get out. He was also angry because there is no “Pot” or reward for landing on Free Parking. He said that every game he has ever played had a pot. I showed him the rules and he couldn’t believe that I was right. He then said that the game encourages “House Rules” and that should be one of them. I disagreed because I felt like it lengthened an already lengthy game. That night, I won.

Saturday, night we played again. To appease my husband, we allowed a pot. To appease me, we agreed that you couldn’t sit in jail indefinitely. He won that game. Sunday, after taking Max home, we played the original version of Monopoly. (My husband dislikes the use of Tinkerbell in the Disney version. She moves whenever there are doubles. If you land on her space she pays your rent or buys you the property.) It looked pretty desperate for me for a while, but after landing on Free Parking I was able to win the game.

This morning, I felt tired but ready to go to work when I woke up. XM Radio helped by providing the following:

(I remember listening to this when I was little with my mother. TELL ME CAN YA FEEL IT?)

Chatham County Line – Out of the Running. (I cried when I heard it.)

>Weekend Update and Music Monday!

> This weekend flew by. We had dinner with my mother on Friday night. We went to Sweet Tomatoes. It’s one of those situations where the kids like getting to pick whatever they want to eat and I like that the choices are pretty healthy.

Saturday, we saw Toy Story 3. I cried a lot. I’m not going to give anything away, but I think if you liked the other two you’ll like this one. We had ice cream after the movie and then we went to our friend John’s house for dinner. John made homemade wings and french fries and our friend Norb brought some amazing pizza. It was from The Pizza Oven and if you are in the Tampa area and you like Pizza I recommend you try it. (Also, try the flan. I don’t even like flan most of the time and this was amazing. It wasn’t too gelatinous, if that makes any sense. I can’t deal with slime and this is a nice custard. Follow them on Twitter here.)

At one point during the evening, John’s dog dropped his bone down the stairs and chased it down. It sounded like a body to me, and I wasn’t the only one to think so. Before I could get to the stairs and find out if everyone was alright, my daughter yelled “Mom!? Are you okay?!” She knows me pretty well. I am the Queen of Clumsiness.

Sunday, we just chilled out at the house. Max and I made chocolate chip cookies. Annika played TMNT: Turtles in Time. I made a pretty sweet lunch that everyone actually liked for once. I made a pork loin, black beans and rice, and then we had a salad too. The black beans were really good. I didn’t even mess up the rice this time! It was like a pre-4th of July miracle. Especially when Annika cleaned her plate with minimal fuss AND said the beans were really good. I was thrilled.

Sunday night, James and I took it easy and had dinner at Steak N’ Shake. Is it wrong that I think Hardee’s has better onion rings? (I never used to eat there, but my husband says where he is from they have them all over the place and in some cases they are more popular than McDonald’s and Burger King. I only have had a few things there, but I like their Frisco sandwiches. My love of Sourdough bread strikes again, I suppose.) We came home, he played around on the computer, and I played Urbz: Sims in the City.

Now, Monday is here. I cried when I woke up because I didn’t want to get up and go, but then I told myself to stop being a baby. I’m having a baby, not becoming one. I don’t necessarily feel any better, but then I don’t feel any worse.

This work day was brought to you in part by the following:

Michael Buble – Cry Me a River.
(Very large opening, musically. I love it.)

No Doubt – Spiderwebs

OutKast – Morris Brown
(Yes, I do have a very weird taste in music. Very simply put, I like it. Well, unless I don’t.)

>WAKEY! WAKEY! Music for Monday.

>I heard the following on my way to work this morning. It made my day.

>Music to make the week go by.

>Barenaked Ladies – You Run Away

I really like this song. The music and lyrics and perfect together.

Neon Trees – Animal
It just has a cool sound. I find myself wailing along.

Chicane – Poppiholla

Brandi Carlile – The Story

>Trouble… That’s for sure.

>I heard this song on the radio this morning and thought of you guys. Here’s a little Elvis performing “Trouble” from the motion picture “King Creole”.