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>Something Borrowed

>This weekend I went to see “Something Borrowed.” I was really excited about it because it looked cute and had John Krasinski and Kate Hudson in it. I generally like the comedy they do, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. To a certain extent, I was correct. It was funny. It had it’s moments. Krasinski was 100%. Hudson understood her role and there couldn’t have been a better choice for her part.

I was totally sold with the leading man, Dex, until there was a scene where Rachel and Dex are facing each other. Dex reaches over to move a piece of Rachel’s hair, but instead of touching her face it seems like he does everything possible to only touch her hair. He practically had his pinky up. A man in love wants to touch his lover’s face. It’s intimate. It boggles the mind that such a big mistake could be made. (Also, he has weird hands.)

In addition, Dex is a total yes man. He’s afraid of his father at 30 years old. He was too afraid to be with Rachel when he had the chance (twice) and then I’m supposed to buy that she should be with him? No way. He’s a total chump. The only reason he was with Darcy in the first place was because she basically told him they were going to be together and he was too much of chump to set her straight.

The bottom line is that I liked the movie. I laughed out loud often. The ending really wasn’t what it should have been. I thought I was the only one, but as I exited the theater I heard the other patrons saying the same thing.

>Simply Saturday

>This morning, I slept in until eight. When you have a baby, that’s practically a miracle. I spent most of the day taking in The Friday Night Knitting Club and watching movies. We watched Chaos Theory and Falling Down. I enjoyed Chaos Theory an awful lot. Ryan Reynolds starred in this film from 2007 and he just was perfect. There was none of that irritating overacting like in Waiting or The Proposal. Falling Down was sort of the twisted exact opposite of Chaos Theory, so it’s strange that we saw them on the same day.

I made a carrot cake this morning. It was really good, especially considering that I’m not a big fan of carrot cake. If you want to check out the recipe the link is here.

I’ve been visiting the library an awful lot lately. I just finished Wicked Appetite which I loved by Janet Evanovich. I read the majority of her Stephanie Plum books last week. I also borrowed My Custom Van by Michael Ian Black. I can’t really get into it. While I find his brand of ridiculously silly comedy amusing in short doses, the essay style is just hard for me to get into. It’s kind of like reading the diary of Dwight Schrute on while he’s on antidepressants.

I’ve requested The Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro thanks to my Books-A-Million Book-A-Day calendar. While I don’t want to read every book they suggest, two or three of them a week peak my interest, so I go online and have them sent to my local branch.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on in my life.

>I must see this.


I know it’s ridiculous, but I can’t help it. I get giggles every time I see the trailers.

I wonder what the heck is on this sound track though?

>A night at the movies with Zombieland!

>Last Monday, Cameron and I went to see Zombieland. We headed over to the AMC Tri City 8. We watch all of our movies together there because they are $4.00 on week days and on weekends before noon. We’re not cheap, we’re broke.

Cameron revealed that he was shocked to see the Sherlock Holmes movie posters. He didn’t know it was being made and he had no idea that Robert Downey Jr. was playing Sherlock Holmes. He seemed to be intrigued and declared that we would see it. (Robert Downey Jr. is in it. I am seeing it for darn sure. You know, to um… support reformed actors in the arts.)
We also saw posters for The Vampire’s Apprentice. Neither of us knew what it was about, but we put it on our tentative lists of movies we want to watch. If you are interested you can view the trailer here. (Looks kind of cool. Is this a kids movie?)

The last poster that Cam and I saw got my heart pounding. It was for Where the Wild Things are. It looks amazing. My kids are excited. I am excited. Just view the trailer here. It’s just amazing.

We walked into the theater and we were slightly surprised to see that it was over half full. Cam and I saw The Proposal here and we were two of the four people in the place. Granted, Zombieland has a broader appeal (and I felt that The Proposal was kind of a disappointment.)

Cameron took so long making me frozen Stauffer’s lasagna and smoking cigarettes that by the time we got there we had almost completely missed the two year old movie quizzes and reminders that soda and popcorn were in the lobby. The theater went dark about 3 minutes after we found our seats.

The trailers that played were:

V (A new series on ABC. Looks awesome. It stars Morena Baccarin Who played Inara on Firefly.)

• Saw VI (Completely unnecessary trash. Cam and I are skipping this and all other Saw films.)

Year One (Will be renting ASAP.)

2012 (I adore John Cusack. It’s a film about the world ending in 2012. It looks interesting.)

New Moon. (The second Twilight film. I’m furious. I was avoiding this like the plague. I want to see it now AND it comes out on my birthday.)

• Nightmare on Elm Street. (No. Just no.)

Finally, the movie began. The premise is that the world has been infected with a plague related to Mad Cow Disease that turns you into a zombie. This movie starts out with a young man played by Jesse Eisenberg telling us about how he survives. He has a list of rules that he lives by and when he tells you about them they have a tendency to pop up on the screen. (This is actually very funny. I have a tendency to walk up to people in my office and say “Double Tap.” Hilarity almost always ensues.)

The other main character in the film is a bad ass played by Woody Harrelson. (I find him to be really sexy, but I can’t really figure out why. It’s got to be that accent.) He’s not crazy about connecting emotionally and he doesn’t want to know your name. Call him Tallahassee, because that’s where he’s headed.

The film goes on to tell us their story and it’s seriously funny. The film also stars Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin with a cameo by the mega-awesome Bill Murray. I’m not telling you more because you need to go and see this.

I just have one question. WHY are zombies forever throwing up blood? It’s really gross. Cameron says that I just don’t get it and that it is, in fact, necessary. I’ll take his word for it.

>Cemetery Junction

>You probably don’t know this, but I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais. I MUST see this movie.