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>Mini-Review: Open Invitation by Tiffany White

>This is a romance novel. At 217 pages it’s the kind of book you pick up when you have some free time and that won’t take you days to read.

Open Invitation is based around two main characters. You have the very nice and seemingly prude Amanda Buttersworth and the uber suave and sexy Kyle Fox. Amanda has a rather unfortunate name. Every time I read it I think of Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup. Kyle is a movie critic for a local television station and his ratings are slipping, despite being loved and adored by every woman in his viewing area. Amanda is injected into his show as a co host and he is furious. Amanda decides to write him naughty letters to get back at him for being such a jerk and the rest of the book is spent dealing with the repercussions of the letters and their mutual unwanted attraction.

My best friend, Meg, will be thrilled to know that Amanda at no time enters into the category that we call “Too Dumb To Live.” (This is the category for girls who know they are being hunted by evil forces, but decide go go on midnight strolls through dangerous parts of the city by themselves anyway.) As a matter of fact, I think that she does a fabulous job outsmarting the overconfident and cocky Kyle, no pun intended.

Open Invitation is published by Harlequin, so you know how it ends, but it’s still worth reading. The book has intimate scenes. If you like the intimate details left to the imagination you might want to skip this one.

This book was published in 1989, so some of the fashion is different, but a good many of us lived through enough of it to get the point.

Open Invitation is a very pleasant read. I felt Kyle could have been the tiniest bit more vile, but was probably more endearing this way. In the typical Harlequin way, you don’t get much of a background on either of the main characters or anything really except for their massive lust for each other. In that way, the book is kind of timeless since there is nothing other than the fashion to tie it to any specific time period.

If you have some time to kill and are in the mood for some fluff, Open Invitation is for you.

Available on ebay and Amazon for as little as a dollar plus shipping.