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>What a difference a few weeks can make.

>As some of you may have noticed, I have been blogging less than normal lately. I tossed in a restaurant review I had been saving for this very reason and I think I tossed up a cat story, but that’s been it.

There has been so much going on that it feels like it’s all stuck in a tube and I haven’t figured out a way to clear the word clog yet. I suppose I’ll start with the biggest and possibly most surprising thing.

I got married. (SURPRISE!)

On March 12th, James and I got married in a small and slightly hysterical ceremony for two. We eloped, kind of. I told my family because they hate surprises and they get their feelings hurt sometimes. James didn’t really tell people until a few days ago. I was surprised because I have a huge family and things like this don’t really stay quiet for long, but I don’t know his family yet so maybe that’s just how they are.

The person who performed the ceremony was Spanish speaking and he had one of the most hysterical accents I have ever heard. I don’t know why, but I think it was because he was trying to be so earnest and sincere. The look on his face was just so hopeful and then he said “repeat after me.” I was trying so hard not to giggle. It doesn’t help that my left ear has 60% hearing loss, so repeating after him was really hard. I possibly should have studied prior to showing up, but I wasn’t sure what vows he would use.

We only had one true mishap during the ceremony. Apparently, I was nervous and my hands swelled. When he attempted to put on the wedding band it didn’t really want to go on. I helped him out and we finished the ceremony without any further trouble.

We had lunch at Subway afterward, which was awesome because I was starving and they had Sun Chips. I love that they have tons of veggies to put on their sandwiches, so it’s like having a salad with some bread. We followed that up by going with Sadia, Jeff, and my brother Cameron to the Hard Rock in Orlando for dinner and to see Gabriel Iglesias. Gabriel Iglesias was hysterical. I think what I like about him the most is that he’s really funny, but he’s not mean. Some comedians seem to get off on being cruel, but Gabriel isn’t like that. He tells these really funny stories and loves chocolate cake. How can you not like this guy?

I still have my apartment and we basically take turns at each others house, but my lease ends in about a month. I’ll be moving out of Tampa and into James’ house. I’ll admit, I’m a little freaked out. We’ll have to take this one step at a time.