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>End of week update

>This week was kind of a mixed bag. On the one hand, we made it through the week without any freak outs from people at work. On the other hand, technical issues kept us from completing many of the tasks that I felt should have been completed.

I had a sonogram on Monday, and Jack is perfect is every way and exactly where he ought to be growth wise. As I imagined, the doctor felt that my blood sugar scores were entirely too low. That led to a call from my Diabetes counselor who basically said eat more carbs, keep a food log, no sweets at all ever in your life, and keep a log of your physical activity. Frankly, I don’t like her. If I want to have one or two cookies I don’t think that is a problem. My scores are always really low anyway and I don’t think having something I like once or twice a week is going to kill me or hurt the baby.

My husband and I went to see a play on Thursday at the Straz Center for the Arts. I plan to write about it next. I liked it though I’ll admit it through me for at least one loop. It’s another enjoyable performance by the Jobsite Theater.

Now that the weekend is upon us, Max and Annie are here. Max has been solidly whiny about everything and I have no idea why. He reminds me of someone else, but I suppose it’s not very nice to say who. I just don’t know what his issue is. I made breakfast, it was something he asked for, and he refused to eat it. He dropped a bagel into his lap and then looked at me as if I had done it. He even went so far as to say “Nice. NOW I have to change my shorts.” I never would have dreamed of speaking to my mother that way and I finally sent him from the table and told him that I didn’t care if he was hungry later, I’m not feeding him again until the rest of us are ready for lunch.

My husband and I have appointments with my mother and her office for a facial later. If you haven’t visited her skin care blog yet, I encourage you to do so. She knows her stuff and she writes from a very genuine place. Her blog is at If you are in the Tampa area and are interested in knowing more about her services, let me know or comment on her blog.