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>How my brother came to live with me and other tales of woe.

>Saturday morning was blissful until about 8:30am.

At 8:29am, I sat at the Olympic Cafe having breakfast at the bar with my kids. They were swinging their legs and enjoying hot cocoa. I was enjoying a glass of tea and tucking in to my biscuits and gravy. Plans for the day included hitting up the Twelve Oaks community garage sale, hitting the beauty school for a hair cut, and heading to Grandma’s farm for her 85th birthday.

At 8:30am my phone rang. The caller ID said it was my brother, Cameron. This surprised me since he doesn’t generally wake up until after noon. Cameron was significantly more awake than I would have expected and he explained that he was about to be arrested and that he needed to be bailed out of jail and that I would need to help him move out of his apartment immediately. I asked him about the crime he committed. I received a tale that was, for the most part, true. Essentially, he had a mandatory meeting. His attempt at attendance was sabotaged. Upon waking up and realizing what had happened he tossed on enough clothing to be decent, marched across the street to his work place, and slapped the saboteur upside the head. He was immediately and understandably fired. He walked back across the street to his apartment and began to call the family.

I urged the children to finish up their breakfast and we hurried across the bay. Cameron had been arrested by the time we got there. My mother arrived at the same time I did. We decided that my children did not need to visit the jail, so my mother took my children for breakfast number two.

I went to the bank and withdrew $150 and headed over to the jail. Let me just say that the jail was not busy. I did get to enjoy the facilities for approximately 3 hours while I waited for them to first book him and then release him. That was pleasant. October is apparently domestic violence month. They had an exhibit, created by inmates, about the effects of domestic violence. I viewed the entire thing. I called some friends. I talked to my father. I spoke to a woman in the lobby. FINALLY, he was released.

Cameron was now jobless AND homeless. Wonderful. Cameron asked if he could stay with me for a little while. I said he could, because he has nowhere else to go.

Now, I have 2 adults, 3 cats, and on occasion 2 children living in my one bedroom apartment. I also do not have a couch. Cameron has been sleeping on my recliner. He thinks it’s too weird for us to sleep in the same room even though I have bunk beds. I agree.

My goals for the week are to settle Cameron in, get a couch or futon, and to stay calm.