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>Weekend Update – Gasparilla Kids Parade

>This weekend seemed to be jam packed. It seemed as if we barely had time for anything. Saturday we were invited to go see the Gasparilla kid’s parade with my nephew. I knew I’d probably rather hang out at home, but I figured Max and Annie would love it. I took Sadia with me and we ended up being in Hyde Park from about 2:00pm until 8:00pm. I had Annie on my shoulders for a portion of the parade. That was pretty painful. In addition to the back and shoulder pain, we got whipped in the face and torso repeatedly with beads. Sadia’s mouth was swollen for a little bit and I felt bad about that.

Apparent Rules of the Gasparilla Kid’s Parade

  • There must be at least one Jack Sparrow on your float.
  • Hawaiian shirts count as “Pirate Gear.”
  • Disgruntled children count as pirates.
  • Sometimes, your cause is good enough to stand on it’s own and the pirate theme can suck it.
  • The boys don’t get to have all the fun. (Just ask the Bonney-Read Pirate Queens below.)
  • You can NEVER have too many pirate ships!
  • The last rule is – Have fun (but watch out for the beads!)