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>Death took a vacation and followed a star map.

>My brother called last night. This is the message he left:

Now, as sad as everyone is for Michael, Farrah, and Ed, I feel bad. I don’t feel sad for them.

I’ll start with Ed. Ed was an older man who had lived quite a massive life. I’m not going to expand on everyone’s accomplishments because everyone else is so I’m sure you have read it elsewhere. He was respected widely and people liked him. Later in life, especially in the past few years he began to have financial and legal troubles. I think he was ready to go. My grandmother says that once you get to her and Ed’s age, that you are kind of ready to go. Most of your friends are dead. Your parents are dead. Sometimes, your children die before you. It’s tiresome. I think he was ready and relieved.

Farrah Fawcett was an actress and a very passionate woman. The past few years for her were a struggle. In addition to battling Anal Cancer, she also watched the love of her live and her son battle drug addiction and each other. She tried desperately to find a way to a cure. She traveled to different countries and looked for alternative treatments.

She made a documentary on her struggles through Cancer. She shaved her head reather then let the chemotherapy take it from her. She fought hard and I respect that. I hope that her death was like falling asleep after a hard day.

Finally, we come to Michael Jackson. I feel sad about his death because he is just little younger than my parents and a tiny bit older than my boyfriend. I worry about my mother even though she’s healthy as a horse and pretty much seems invincible. I worry about my Dad becuase he has had a liver transplant and that’s not really ever a sure thing. I worry about my grandparents, mostly because my grandmother’s are determined to tell me that “you never know” and that they could be dead and any moment. I’m literally convinced that that will never happen. It’s childish to believe that all of my family will live forever, but that’s where I’m at.

Michael had a crazy life. He had a sucessful career with his brothers and then on his own. He was married though it seemes everyone thought that was strange. He was accused of skin bleaching, but claimed he had Vitiligo. He had a series of plastic surgery mishaps. He had children and named them all ofter himself. He was accused of child molestation. He had everything he had ever wanted in a physical capacity, but I don’t think there is a doubt in anyone’s mind that he was still desperately searching for something.I hope that Ed, Michael, and Farrah all are resting in peace, or traveling to the next place, or starting their new lives.