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>MacGyver Vs. Chuck Norris

>When I was a young girl in the 80’s I was only in love with one man. That man was MacGyver. He was so cool and smart. He could do anything with nothing. In my family, we know about that in a significantly less bad ass sort of way, so it appealed to be. He had that solid mullety goodness that my best friend Jenny B. and I swooned over. She had a poster of him in her bedroom and I was so jealous.

Recently, my coworkers and I had a discussion. In a battle between MacGyver and Chuck Norris who would be victorious? I doubt this is an original line of thought, but we discussed it anyway.

Certain people thought that Chuck Norris would be victorious since he is so strong and an awesome fighter. I say MacGyver because he is very smart, can escape from anything, can build the most complex things with the least complex tools, and the fact that he is hella hot. (Yes, I said “Hella.” This is MacGyver we’re talking about.)