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>Quick Weekend Update

>I have been experiencing some major changes in my life and I haven’t really had a chance to blog properly. This weekend has been a much needed break from the rush of the week.

I am transitioning from the old job to the new job, by working at both jobs. I am very tired, but it will make it seem like a relief when I don’t have to anymore. The new job will start at 10am, which will be a big change, but I suppose nice in the scheme of things. I’ll always have time for breakfast.

I am still searching for a new place to live. You can check out my progress at I’ve got until May 1st to find a place my brother and I can handle.

I joined the MOSI Virtual Ambassador Program. I can’t wait to share this wonderful place with you. For more information about the Museum of Science and Industry please click here!

>Whoa! What happened?

>If you have been following my blog by using the URL you might have noticed that you have been transported to my new blog located at I have wanted to have two separate blogs for a while, but until now I haven’t had a real reason to do so.

I now have been nudged by fate to create and maintain this new and exciting place. I hope that the transition is smooth sailing.

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