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>Woe is me!

>As most of you know, I have a boyfriend. He and I spend what I would consider a lot of time together, as most couples do. I spend a lot of nights at his house. We talk every night before we go to bed. We chat on IM during work. We are really connected.

This week he went on a cruise. I’m an adult and I am happy he is going on this vacation. I know that he really needs one, but I’ll admit that I am sad that he is not here. Granted, I’m being a total baby. He’s been gone since Sunday, but he’s still in Florida. He’s on a boat and as of this morning they arrived in Key West.

Last night was rough and I really wanted to talk to him, but I couldn’t so I sucked it up and went to sleep. This morning, I was making breakfast and got a text message. I assumed it was Twitter, so I didn’t check it for about ten minutes. I was so happy when I did. They had docked in Key West and he was able to send me a quick note. Ten minutes later, I got a phone call from him and that really made my day.

I know I will be fine and very busy until he comes home. That is definitely a good thing. I’ll tell you all more about last night later. Right now, work is calling.