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Missing Post

Last week, I posted about the Westboro Baptist Church. It was a long post with links pointing to things that made and backed up my post. That post disappeared. I don’t know why or where it went, but it’s gone.

At first, my feelings were hurt and I was furiously angry. I was so angry, that when I went to do my Blog Talk Radio show on Tuesday and discovered the fact that it was missing, I couldn’t go on. It was the bulk of what I had planned to talk about, for one thing. The other thing is that I previewed the post, saved the post, posted the post, and then I went to the post to check it when it was live. I know it posted.

So, I had to decide what to do. I have decided that I will not rewrite the post. I said all I wanted to say and it was perfect in every way. I can’t recreate it, so I won’t try. I’m moving on.


Blog Talk Radio

I did my first Blog Talk Radio show. You can find the show here if you’d like to listen to today’s show.

I was really surprised at how fast 15 minutes went by, but I was really glad I made show notes ahead of time. It made the show stay on track, but allowed me to speak freely.

My next show is Thursday at 10:30am and we’ll be having Book Talk. We will discuss The House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast as well as White Wolf by Lindsay McKenna.


>I have a project I am working on that is seriously eating my brain right now. I start to write about things that make sense to this blog and I find myself writing random things about the project that won’t make sense to any of you.

I think most of you know I can be a very “in my own head” type of person. Sometimes, I get so far in there that I forget that the rest of you are out there. Not that I believe any of you are holding your breath waiting for my next brilliant and witty post, but I still feel obligated to the few of you who follow me to update semi regularly.

I’ll spout out something clever soon. Promise.

In the mean time, my brother reviewed a book yesterday at one of our other sites. Check it out here.

Also, my Relay for Life team is having a garage sale on January 30th. If you have any items to donate please let me know. I’ll update you on the address shortly.

>Whoa! What happened?

>If you have been following my blog by using the URL you might have noticed that you have been transported to my new blog located at I have wanted to have two separate blogs for a while, but until now I haven’t had a real reason to do so.

I now have been nudged by fate to create and maintain this new and exciting place. I hope that the transition is smooth sailing.

Are you new? Leave me a comment and introduce yourself.

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