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>8th Grade

>In the 8th grade I was terribly in love with a boy. He had no idea. We hung out and played video games. We talked. I never told him how I felt. (I’m not entirely certain he was of aware of the fact that I was a female.) Right around the time that I might have told him myself, my supposed “Best Friend Forever” told him I liked him and “asked him out” for me. I was mortified. He didn’t speak to me again until well after high school. I did not speak to the big mouthed “BFF” after that either.

I saw the “BFF” on Facebook today and all of those memories came flooding back. The anger that I still feel over her betrayal. I recognize it’s silly. He was always the wrong person for me and it never would have worked out anyway. I think I was more upset that she killed the possibility of it happening.

Think of all of the people who buy lottery tickets. They know that the odds are not in their favor, but they also know that someone has to win. My theory is that people buy lottery tickets so that they can enjoy the dream of winning. It doesn’t matter if they win. They just want to believe that it is possible.