Monthly Archives: December 2012

Uncle Ronnie

My uncle passed away last week. Yesterday was his funeral. I walked into the funeral home and there he was. They did an excellent job. He looked like he was asleep and peaceful. My brain is still having a hard time taking it in. I just saw him on Thanksgiving. I suppose if I had seen the casket close it would have sunk in but I didn’t because Jack was being two at the very end when Uncle Roger was praying and I took him out.

They had everyone come up at hug Grandma apparently and I watched them as they filed out. My mother came out and was crying but trying to keep it together. I almost cried then. Then my son Max came out and he was crying pretty hard so we just pulled him into our group hug and held each other for a moment. Then I took him out to his father and we hugged again.

It really hit me about two o’clock this morning. Jack has been burning up with a fever and I was in my bed with him trying to get him to drink something I had put medicine in.

Uncle Ronnie loved children and they loved him back. When Max was a little younger than Jack we stayed with Grandma and Uncle Ronnie for a short time. When I went to work Max would stay with Aunt Nancy, Grandma, and Uncle Ronnie and he loved it out there. Uncle Ronnie always said hello to the kids and asked how they were doing. He would laugh at their stories and jokes. He would tell Max jokes and Max thought they were the funniest thing ever. They would both laugh like crazy.

After the service, we all headed back to Grandma’s house. They had pictures of him all over. His eyes twinkled when he was happy. His chair was covered in a bright blanket. It was painfully empty. I can hardly remember a time when he wasn’t in that chair or on the porch at Grandma’s.

I feel sad because we miss him and more sad because my family is hurting but I’m mostly glad that he isn’t in pain anymore.