Baby Makin’ (An informational look.)

A few weeks ago my friend posted an article about Arizona declaring women pregnant two weeks before conception.

I suggested that the nurses in Arizona explain the the politicians there how babies are made. 

My friend Nicole did some research and here’s what we know now about baby makin’.

Well fine you guys let me explain to you where babies come from & why this sort of law is needed & long overdue. When a mommy & daddy love each other very much they share a special kind of hug but about two weeks before that Jesus (who knows the future so is really good about planning ahead) files the appropriate paperwork in Heaven for a baby to be created. It takes 7-10 business days to process baby paperwork because Heaven is really shorthanded. Once the paperwork has been approved & filed in the cloud file cabinets in Heaven’s DFO (Dept of Fertilized Ovum) the task is assigned to an Angel case worker who flies down from Heaven to implant the soon to be baby in the mommy’s tummy with about a 50% ovum viability success rate (Angels can be real butterfingers!). Therefore obviously you need to start counting when Jesus files the paperwork NOT when the Angels pop that egg baby in there. This is simply biology fact science that Arizona is following here.

You’re welcome!


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