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All The Sadness

I have a job now. I should be feeling better. I feel better slightly because my days are full, but the whole world seems to be festering in this awful state. I see the news and my stomach just gets this sinking feeling.


Sink with me:

  • Trayvon Martin – I don’t care if this boy was experimenting with marijuana or suspended from school. Zimmerman was told to stop following him TWICE. Instead, he stalked him like prey and killed him. This has nothing to do with race or color or what this kid might have been doing (which was nothing more than walking home and talking to his girlfriend on the phone like every other teen on the planet.) This has to do with a jerk with a gun. A jerk with more of a criminal record than the child he murdered.
  • Syria – I don’t think that al-Assad is serious about peace. He’s still bombing civilian’s. He’s arranged for land mine to stop smugglers, but they maim the refugees who try to get away from the fighting. He refuses to admit wrongdoing. He shouldn’t be running a country.
  • Santorum keeps winning. He wants to ban porn. I don’t personally like porn, but I feel like it’s protected under the first amendment. In addition, what is porn? If we born porn because it is immoral do we also ban Victoria’s Secret catalogs and Sport’s Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition? Do we then have to ban the J.C. Penney catalog because it too shows women in bras and panties? Not to mention the fact that he is against abortion in every instance and he has declared war on woman’s rights.
  • The health care bill was a “BFD.” I believe that we should have health care and that the government should provide a basic health care plan. I do understand why people feel that the clause insisting that everyone have health care or be fined is a bad thing. I feel very conflicted about it. It turns my stomach into knots.


That’s it for now. Hopefully things will look up. I hate feeling like Eeyore.

P.S. I don’t think Santorum will win the election. I don’t even know if he’ll get the nomination. I am sickened that so many people think that he’s the best option. Granted, I don’t think the other options are much better.

How to make panda bread

How to make panda bread.


I must make this immediately.