Dear Library Patrons…

I do not work at the library. However, I’m at the library three times a week. It really irks me when I see people in the library treating the librarians and the staff badly.

You are not the only patron in the library. There is a visible line.  She is only one person. She does not deserve to be screamed at because she is attempting to bring the line down. She does not deserve to be screamed at because you are attempted to fax paperwork that is old, yellowed, crispy, and refusing to go through the fax machine.

Now, that said, should you yell at the librarian and tell her that she was helping you first you should take a moment and be grateful. Your response should not be to turn and give me a dirty look. We’re all just waiting for some help. I didn’t do what you did and yell across the library.

The library is a wonderful place, but the librarians and additional staff all work hard. It makes me furious to see people on Foursquare say the librarians are jerks. They are really nice people. Their job is to make sure that as many people get to use the services of the library as possible. This would be made soooo much easier if people came in with a respectful and understanding attitude.


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