Dancing With The Stars! Goodbye Mark and Kristen!

On Monday night something wonderful happened in Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers returned to Monday Night Football and were victorious. This was very good for the Tampa Bay area. Since most of our games have been blacked out our little hearts have been broken and we have not seen the games we love.

Monday night on ABC is regularly Dancing With the Stars followed by Castle. This past Monday if you wanted to see either show you had to wait until after 1am in the morning. I’m going to guess that many people could not do that. In addition, I tried to see the show on Hulu Plus in the morning, but it wasn’t up until afternoon when the voting period had closed.

I’m really disappointed about this because yesterday Mark and Kristen went home. It was ridiculous. They were lovely and contenders for the finals as far as dancing ability goes. I attribute them being sent home to the fallowing factors:

  • Voters in Tampa not getting to see the show.
  • People not knowing who Kristen is or caring. She’s not on a show that the majority of the viewers who watch this show would know. (This has a lot to do with the results every year. Do you think people are really voting for Hope? Nope. They’re voting for Maks.)
  • Lastly, I blame Chaz.
We love Chaz. He’s like a gentle giant. Like Bruno said he looks like a chubby Ewok. However, so many people are fired up for Chaz that they have forgotten about the point of the show. This is a DANCE competition. The first two weeks on the competition I could see voting for Chaz. He was not the worst. He made progress, but this week his dance was SLOOOOOOOOW. He barely danced at all. The very lovely Lacey Schwimmer did all the dancing. They finished at the bottom of the leader board three points behind the nearest competitor, Nancy Grace and it was a disgrace that they stayed.
That said, my outlook for the rest of the season is not as clear as it should be. The Chaz voters are sending people home who should be staying. If the luck of the Chaz continues I saw that Hope Solo goes home next week. Not even Maks can save her. The judges praise her, but she walks like she has a stick up her butt during the dance. She’s great otherwise, but that paired with the fact that she’s not drawing many votes spells the end for her in my book. I will miss the Chmerkovskiy Charm.
One last thing, Mary J. Blige was great last night!

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