NoseFrida or Hell to the Nose!

Yesterday, I was in Buy Buy Baby looking for a birthday gift for a friend’s baby. I found a few things I was looking for and headed to the checkout. I finished my business and was about to leave when I saw the following:

I have used the LARGE image so that you can see the package and what they expect you to do with this product. This product is called the NoseFrida Snotsucker. I am not kidding. It’s a nasal aspirator that uses suction FROM YOUR MOUTH.

I understand that your mouth is pretty good at creating the vacuum necessary for this product to work. It is not however a proper receptacle for snot. EEEEEEWWWW! The product claims that it has filters to keep that from happening, but I do not care. Why would I spend $15.00 to suck snot out of my kid’s face with my mouth when I could spend $1.00 and get a bulb syringe type. I can get that clean without any fuss and without any involvement of my mouth.

Ridiculously, it has many positive reviews including one from a pediatrician claiming that it helps to keep kids off antibiotics. I suppose the difference is that the bulb syringe offers a certain amount of suction while your mouth supplies a relatively endless amount.

I understand how the product works, but Jack has never had a cold that was so bad that I would even consider this. With the use of  Baby Vick’s (which is all natural) and vapor baby bath I am not sure I would try this.



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