Cutie Pies Kids Consignment Review

Yesterday, I was in Palm Harbor visiting my mother. She told me about a consignment shop for children that was near her house. I am always on the lookout for a deal, so we charged across US19 and found Cutie Pies Kids Consignment.

At first glance, it’s an adorable shop. Everything is clean and neat. The owner of the shop is very outgoing and nice and her son plays quietly in the back and grins as you walk by. Once you start looking at the individual items it becomes clear why everything is so neat and organized. Everything is completely overpriced.

There are neatly organized toys on every shelf as if they have never been moved. Toys that show wear and tear can be seen for $8.99. Clothing purchased at Walmart for $5.00 is selling for $3.49 used.

One of the best examples I can give is of a Kawasaki ATV ride on toy. Jack is seen below rolling on her floor. The store has two of the ATV ride on toys. They are listed at $19.99. They were listed at $19.99 on clearance at Walmart brand new before Walmart stopped selling them. You can find them online and new for $30.00. The Ride ons in the store are beat up and well loved. There were scuff marks and the stickers are peeling off.  I would have thought it was an acceptable price at $9.99.



That said, the store is very cute and clean and the employees are friendly. I do wonder how they plan to stay in business if the prices stay where they are.

Cutie Pies is located at 36601 US Highway 19 North and their phone number is 727-943-2328. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Their Facebook page is located here.


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