What I Did on My Summer Vacation… Part Three (The Exciting Conclusion.)

We arrived in Wiggins, Mississippi and we were totally glad to be off the road. We met with James’ mother and we went to the Whistle Stop Diner.

After we had lunch, we headed over to James’ grandparent’s house. They are called Memmie and Paudy. They are wonderful and the kids just had the best time. They are used to having children in the house so they had toys for children of all ages. The kids got to really let loose and just be themselves and I know they felt right at home.

Max slept on an air mattress in the living room and Annie slept with me. Annie tries to kill you in your sleep. She backhanded me in the middle of the night. It hurt. A lot. She’s surprisingly strong in her sleep.

The second day we were there we drove around town to visit family and do some shopping. We went to the local Walmart and had lunch at Wendy’s. Then we headed over to James’ Aunt Tommy’s store. It’s called The Country Store and had beautiful things. She has everything from locally made Jellies, Jams, and preserves, to tourist gifts, purses, and potpourri. I bought my brother Cameron some Mayhaw Jelly for his birthday and I bought some Christmas gifts that I can’t yet reveal! I could have spent a much longer time in the store. Aunt Tommy gave each of the children an item and I got to pet the shop kitten.

That night we had hamburgers on the grill and the family came out. The kids played with their cousins and they were thick as thieves right away. When we left the next day the kids were kind of sad. Next time I hope we can stay longer.

When we left Wiggins, we headed to Pensacola, Florida to visit my Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Bobbie. It was kind of a short visit, but it was long enough so that the kids got to enjoy their Grandparents. Jack was obsessed with moving Grandma’s kitchen stool all over the kitchen. He snuggled up to Grandpa right away.

Before we left, Grandma make a wonderful dinner.It was so good that Annie had seconds of EVERYTHING. I can hardly get her to eat a plate half of the time. Max and I had seconds too.

It was decided that we would stay in a hotel on the way home so that I wouldn’t be too tired. We stayed in Tallahassee. Jack was not as well behaved as we had hoped. He, like the rest of us, was ready to be home and was not about to hide it. We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel because it was one of the few restaurants at the exit we stopped at. Word of advice: Stay at Exit 203 in Tallahassee.

We left in the deep dark of the morning. I had hoped that Jack would sleep the majority of the time. I was so, so wrong. He did not sleep even half of the drive. We had to stop repeatedly, but when we finally got near Tampa the mood in the car was much better. Every mile marker we passed was like a sigh of relief.

I took Annie home. Jenny called to asked when I would bring Max back and I told her in all honesty that I was not physically capable of driving anywhere but to my house. I was barely able to stay awake. I was stiff and sore. When I got home I considered kissing the ground.

The trip was wonderful and it so so good to be with our family, but when we got home and I got to hug James and snuggle in my own bed it was the best feeling in the world.


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