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The Worst Kind of Nerd

I was thinking about Halloween and I realized I am the worst kind of nerd.

I should preface this post by saying that I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween for most of my childhood which has made costuming this foreign thing to me. Almost every year I am a witch. When I was in the Star Trek club I simply wore my Star Trek uniform. Now, I am 30 years old and responsible for dressing a new member of my family. (I will post his super cute and already prepared Halloween photos on Halloween.) I also want to dress up with him because I want him to know that I’m having fun with him. I want him to knwo that it’s okay for adults to do silly stuff.

All of my other geeky friends have zero problems costuming. The only problem they usually have is deciding which of the many things they love they want to be. My son, Max,  is going to be a Jedi this year. My daughter has not decided as far as I know.

I don’t want to go to the store and pick up a pre-made costume. It feels like cheating. I did pick up a costume for Jack because realistically, he doesn’t give a crap. He’s almost one. I wasn’t sure if he would like the costume, but he totally did and cried when I took it off. Also, the costume I bought Jack is a Rubies. Don’t judge.

I think part of the problem is that I don’t really look like any of the people I like. I’ll have to think of something.

Weekend Update: Congo River Mini Golf

This past weekend the kids and I planned to go to Congo River Mini Golf. Since Jack has a tendency to monopolize my time when he is with me I’ve been trying to leave him with Daddy so that I can hang out with Max and Annie. I knew Max would love it, but I wasn’t sure about Annie.

When we arrived I checked in on Foursquare. I knew that there was a web coupon, but when I tried to print it at home it wasn’t possible. I asked the cashier/adventure guide about the discount and when I showed him my foursquare check in he gave it to me because he said he knew I had internet access. BAZINGA! (A dollar off of each player is a good thing when adults and children ten and older are $9.29. Kids under ten are $8.29.)

If you didn’t know, Congo River is 18 rounds of mini golf and a scavenger hunt. If you find everything in the scavenger hunt you get scratch off tickets for prizes and discounts off of other activities they have there like feeding the alligators and panning for gold.

We golfed from youngest to oldest. I could tell from Annie’s first stroke that this would be an interesting game. I could also tell that it was a good thing that they have a six stroke maximum per hole. Annie’s method involved hoping for the best and hitting the ball. No aiming required.

Max is more focused. He celebrates every good stroke and bemoans every other stroke. At one point he screamed “I HATE GOLF!” I took this to be a good sign because it was at that moment I knew he was getting the full experience.

After over an hour of golfing and scavaging we came to the 18th hole. Annie was up first. About 9 holes ago I had started giving advice and though she ignored it the rest of the game she seemed to take it all in at once. She calmed down, she aimed her body, she took her shot. HOLE IN ONE! I am not kidding. For the same hole Max took 3 shots and I took a ridiculous six and didn’t even get it in.

The end of game score left me in first, Max in second, and Annie in third. VICTORY!

After we finished the game the children fed the alligators. Then they fed the goldfish. Then they wanted to pan for gold and gems, but I drew the line there. It was enough. I took everyone home and basked in my victory.

NoseFrida or Hell to the Nose!

Yesterday, I was in Buy Buy Baby looking for a birthday gift for a friend’s baby. I found a few things I was looking for and headed to the checkout. I finished my business and was about to leave when I saw the following:

I have used the LARGE image so that you can see the package and what they expect you to do with this product. This product is called the NoseFrida Snotsucker. I am not kidding. It’s a nasal aspirator that uses suction FROM YOUR MOUTH.

I understand that your mouth is pretty good at creating the vacuum necessary for this product to work. It is not however a proper receptacle for snot. EEEEEEWWWW! The product claims that it has filters to keep that from happening, but I do not care. Why would I spend $15.00 to suck snot out of my kid’s face with my mouth when I could spend $1.00 and get a bulb syringe type. I can get that clean without any fuss and without any involvement of my mouth.

Ridiculously, it has many positive reviews including one from a pediatrician claiming that it helps to keep kids off antibiotics. I suppose the difference is that the bulb syringe offers a certain amount of suction while your mouth supplies a relatively endless amount.

I understand how the product works, but Jack has never had a cold that was so bad that I would even consider this. With the use of  Baby Vick’s (which is all natural) and vapor baby bath I am not sure I would try this.


And The Search Goes On.

I have been looking for a job for a year. I’ll admit that while I was looking in the past, I wasn’t necessarily looking as if my life depended on it.  I was still disappointed when I didn’t get calls, but it wasn’t soul crushing.

As I enter what is nearly the end of a year of job searching, it has become a very depressing venture. I realized last week that I am, in fact, depressed. It sounds so stupid, but it’s not if you think about it. I know that when people read resumes and choose people that it isn’t personal. I have been the person choosing before. I know exactly what the entire process feels like. I know that many of the people I personally rejected were not right for the job. Some of them, as mean as it sounds, I just didn’t like. I felt a bad vibe after reading the resume and I placed in my “Not Gonna Happen” file. I know that they aren’t rejecting me as a person. They are rejecting a paper representation of my background and skills.

It just feels like they are rejecting me.

I also know that the market is flooded with people looking for jobs. These people have more experience, more education, and do well in phone interviews. These people are having a hard time finding a job too.

I’ve recently begun receiving letters saying “Thank you. You’re completely qualified, but no.” I find this especially frustrating. I appreciate that they are not just letting me linger on forever, but it’s just hard to hear. I know that what it really means is that they have chosen someone else. I just really want them to choose me.

I love being home with Jack. I love seeing him laugh and play at baby time. I love seeing him do new things and try new foods, but I wake up every day and feel the emptiness of having no real purpose.

Cutie Pies Kids Consignment Review

Yesterday, I was in Palm Harbor visiting my mother. She told me about a consignment shop for children that was near her house. I am always on the lookout for a deal, so we charged across US19 and found Cutie Pies Kids Consignment.

At first glance, it’s an adorable shop. Everything is clean and neat. The owner of the shop is very outgoing and nice and her son plays quietly in the back and grins as you walk by. Once you start looking at the individual items it becomes clear why everything is so neat and organized. Everything is completely overpriced.

There are neatly organized toys on every shelf as if they have never been moved. Toys that show wear and tear can be seen for $8.99. Clothing purchased at Walmart for $5.00 is selling for $3.49 used.

One of the best examples I can give is of a Kawasaki ATV ride on toy. Jack is seen below rolling on her floor. The store has two of the ATV ride on toys. They are listed at $19.99. They were listed at $19.99 on clearance at Walmart brand new before Walmart stopped selling them. You can find them online and new for $30.00. The Ride ons in the store are beat up and well loved. There were scuff marks and the stickers are peeling off.  I would have thought it was an acceptable price at $9.99.



That said, the store is very cute and clean and the employees are friendly. I do wonder how they plan to stay in business if the prices stay where they are.

Cutie Pies is located at 36601 US Highway 19 North and their phone number is 727-943-2328. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Their Facebook page is located here.

Speak Out With Your Geek Out!

When I was a little girl I dreamily envisioned myself becoming a Librarian. I read constantly. I got in fist fights with my brothers over books. I envisioned myself in fantasy lands and faraway places. My mother loathed the Lord of  the Rings, so I read it and loved it.

I was introduced to Star Trek by my Aunt Nancy when she would babysit us while Mom went to work as a waitress at Schnickel Fritz, a German Deli in the mall.

When I became an adult, I married a Star Trek Captain. (No, seriously.)

The dude to the Far left. (In case the pips didn’t fill you in.) 

We were all in. I went to conventions. We had club meetings. You had to work your way through the ranks. My uniform looks crappy. The one that we had custom made was still being custom freaking made. No Rubie’s bullstuff for this girl.

I’m either pregnant or moments away from pregnant in the photo.

My son is a cadet in the Star Trek club. Yes, I am creating geeks too. Max is a GIANT fan of Dr. Who. (Chris Eccleston is my favorite Doctor, if you’re wondering. Why yes. I do need a Doctor.)


It is my hope to have children who are never ashamed of the things that they love. Being a geek isn’t something you choose to do. You’re born a geek. You see the pleasure in the geeky things. Planes, and games, and fangs! OH MY! We can’t help who (or what) we love.

I also want them to know that if someone doesn’t absolutely adore them for who they are than they should move on. I mean, if your are living in your own filth that’s one thing, but if you’re a Vulcan who likes sassy Klingons (they’re all sassy) you should let your geek flag fly.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation… Part Three (The Exciting Conclusion.)

We arrived in Wiggins, Mississippi and we were totally glad to be off the road. We met with James’ mother and we went to the Whistle Stop Diner.

After we had lunch, we headed over to James’ grandparent’s house. They are called Memmie and Paudy. They are wonderful and the kids just had the best time. They are used to having children in the house so they had toys for children of all ages. The kids got to really let loose and just be themselves and I know they felt right at home.

Max slept on an air mattress in the living room and Annie slept with me. Annie tries to kill you in your sleep. She backhanded me in the middle of the night. It hurt. A lot. She’s surprisingly strong in her sleep.

The second day we were there we drove around town to visit family and do some shopping. We went to the local Walmart and had lunch at Wendy’s. Then we headed over to James’ Aunt Tommy’s store. It’s called The Country Store and had beautiful things. She has everything from locally made Jellies, Jams, and preserves, to tourist gifts, purses, and potpourri. I bought my brother Cameron some Mayhaw Jelly for his birthday and I bought some Christmas gifts that I can’t yet reveal! I could have spent a much longer time in the store. Aunt Tommy gave each of the children an item and I got to pet the shop kitten.

That night we had hamburgers on the grill and the family came out. The kids played with their cousins and they were thick as thieves right away. When we left the next day the kids were kind of sad. Next time I hope we can stay longer.

When we left Wiggins, we headed to Pensacola, Florida to visit my Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Bobbie. It was kind of a short visit, but it was long enough so that the kids got to enjoy their Grandparents. Jack was obsessed with moving Grandma’s kitchen stool all over the kitchen. He snuggled up to Grandpa right away.

Before we left, Grandma make a wonderful dinner.It was so good that Annie had seconds of EVERYTHING. I can hardly get her to eat a plate half of the time. Max and I had seconds too.

It was decided that we would stay in a hotel on the way home so that I wouldn’t be too tired. We stayed in Tallahassee. Jack was not as well behaved as we had hoped. He, like the rest of us, was ready to be home and was not about to hide it. We had dinner at the Cracker Barrel because it was one of the few restaurants at the exit we stopped at. Word of advice: Stay at Exit 203 in Tallahassee.

We left in the deep dark of the morning. I had hoped that Jack would sleep the majority of the time. I was so, so wrong. He did not sleep even half of the drive. We had to stop repeatedly, but when we finally got near Tampa the mood in the car was much better. Every mile marker we passed was like a sigh of relief.

I took Annie home. Jenny called to asked when I would bring Max back and I told her in all honesty that I was not physically capable of driving anywhere but to my house. I was barely able to stay awake. I was stiff and sore. When I got home I considered kissing the ground.

The trip was wonderful and it so so good to be with our family, but when we got home and I got to hug James and snuggle in my own bed it was the best feeling in the world.