What I Did on my Summer vacation… Part 2

After relaxing to the point that I was capable of functioning in a semi-normal capacity we all split up. My dad’s wife Kaye took me to get a pedicure and to have lunch at the Olive Garden. It was lovely. Jack slept through the pedicure, but needed a lot of attention at lunch. It was fun anyway.

The kids went to the Exploreum with my dad at the Gulf Coast Science Center in Mobile.  Max had so much fun, he nearly lost his head.

The kids also watched the Hubble IMAX film. They like it an awful lot. I wish I had seen it!

The rest of our time with my Dad was spent playing music, playing on the slip and slide, and laughing a lot. Basically, all the things we wished we could be doing all year round. My Dad cooked excellent dinners. Kaye tolerated a day of Max’s moodiness and days of Jack being surly. We loved it.


Part three will explore our trip to Wiggins, Mississippi!


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