Casey Anthony’s Verdict

I have attempted to ignore this case. However, today I watched as she was pronounced not guilty.

This case was tried long ago in the court of public opinion. However, your opinion and my opinion, whatever they may be, don’t count. We aren’t on the jury. We don’t carry the weight of the jury’s decision. If we look at the evidence that was presented we must come to the conclusion that the State of Florida failed to prove their burden.

The State could not prove how Caylee died. The State could prove things about her death, but not a solid cause of death. They also had compelling testimony that they chose not to have heard. I think they will agree that this was a mistake at this point, but ultimately the jury found that the evidence was circumstantial.

Now, I want you to think about something. I want you to put your rage that justice was not done or your fury that we still don’t know the truth aside. I want you to put yourself, mentally, in the eyes of a defendant. (Not the defendant, but of a person charged with murder or another crime in which you would get the death penalty or a life sentence.)

Tell me that you would not be immensely relieved and smiling a little knowing that you wouldn’t be serving life in prison or receiving the death penalty especially when you know that nearly the whole country thinks that you’re guilty.

Now envision yourself as a member of the jury. Think of the physical evidence presented.

Tell me that you would convict based on the physical evidence that was presented.

I’m waiting…

I really don’t believe you would convict if you had been on the jury. It’s very easy to make decision if you’re not forced to carry the weight of it. The State was only able to prove one thing. Casey Anthony is a liar. Therefore, the only thing that they could legally convict her of was that one thing.


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