Hair cut!

Today, after a year of complete and utter hair neglect, I am getting a hair cut.

Which one, you say? All of them and a lot.

After I had Jack a magical and mystical thing happened to me. I started to bald. No. Seriously. I looked like what would happen if Bruce Willis had attempted to be The Highlander. So much of my hair was falling out that in two months time I had clogged the tub drain, broken the vacuum, and was sporting these totally rad racing stripes ON MY HEAD!

Apparently, this is all normal and due to the changing levels of hormones in a woman’s body after giving birth. As a matter of fact, hair loss itself is completely normal. It’s present in 40% women. We just don’t talk about it. It’s embarrassing. I say Jennifer Aniston should rock the bald look. Natalie Portman did it. Granted, Natalie Portman has a very melon-y head shape and not a shred of fat on her face.

At any rate, it’s time for me to ditch my long locks and let my short hair shine. I’ll admit the timing might have something to do with the fact that I live in Florida and we’ve officially started the insane summer weather.

The hair cut that I want is something between this:

and this:

I’m a little worried that my new hair growth will be really obvious, but I will let the stylist know about it and hope for the best. I’ll post again later so that you can see the transformation!


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