Oh the Horror!

This weekend has been plagued by mouth pain. Tonight, I looked up home remedies. Here they are:

-Peanut butter
-Mashed up crackers
-Hot Tea in a few variations
-Ice cold water
-Narcotics (Seriously. Someone suggested that as a home remedy.)

The peanut butter and cracker remedies work by stuffing the affected area and keeping it from having access to air.

Whiskey works for obvious reasons.

The hot tea was suggested in the standard liquid form, but it was also suggested that instead of throwing out the tea bag you should place the used bag on the affected area. Some folks swore by herbal tea, but one person said regular orange pekoe will do.

The cold water apparently works on a very temporary basis. The person who suggested this said the relief lasts about 45 seconds and then the pain is more intense than it was originally.

I went with the tea. I drank it and I used Tension Tamer. It still hurts a little, but I’m relaxed now.

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