10 Years Ago…

Ten years ago,  last Wednesday, I waddled to work. I worked about half a day and the wonderful ladies (and the one gentleman, Carl) gave me a surprise baby shower. It was so unexpectedly thoughtful. One of the women made me a baby blanket. She knitted it for me. These women only knew me in a work capacity. They knew I was not coming back, but they made the day special anyway.

I expected to have two weeks to nest and get ready for the baby, but before that could happen I had a doctor’s appointment. I drove my little 1985 Ford Escort Wagon over. When it was my turn to be seen the doctor got a very surprised look on her face. She asked me what my plans for the night were. I said that we would probably grab some dinner. She proclaimed that I was eight centimeters. She looked triumphant. I looked confused. I hadn’t really done any reading or video watching. I didn’t take Lamaze. I didn’t know what she meant. 

I was informed that we would be having a baby tonight. This was unfortunate. I had planned to watch the Lamaze video that weekend, but it was too late now. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO? Nobody had told me the breathing secret yet!

I met my husband at home and we rushed around packing the overnight bag and calling parents. We took a moment to pop the VHS in, but the video was apparently from the 70’s and I’m pretty sure everyone was high. It was too slow for us so we decided we’d have to wing it.

Later that evening, after we’d learned that the only secret to breathing is making sure you do it, we held our baby boy. He was named Max after his father. He was, and remains, absolutely beautiful and perfect. 

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  1. Yea, you unfortunately were in the hospital during your actual baby shower which I attended. BTW nice pic, Jenny is a pretty good photographer, I guess she can keep me huh?

    • Yes, I hear you had a great time at the shower. I’m glad I was were I was though. You’re much better at the party stuff than I am.

      Jenny is a wonderful photographer and a wonderful person. I’d say you’re incredibly lucky to have her.

      Sorry about leaving yesterday. I had terrible tooth pain. I was in agony.

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