Weekend Update

This weekend was wonderful. It started with the Taste of Pinellas. I went with my mother to see Chris Isaak and have some wonderful food. I got some pretty crappy pictures of Chris Isaak. I’ll only share one. I might as well be sharing a stick figure. I wish I had brought my real camera as opposed to the iPhone.

Right as Chris was about to go on stage I noticed a giant bottle of Budweiser Select. I’d had one beer at this point and due to an extremely low tolerance for alcohol I thought I might be hallucinating. I was not. It turns out that they had a giant flame fueled bottle of Bud Select in the form of a hot air balloon. This is not an endorsement for Budweiser Select. My mother gave me half of a can towards the end of the show and let me tell you, it still sucks. I had Shock Top’s Belgian White earlier in the evening and it was wonderful. You should definitely try that.

Chris Isaak was wonderful. He was always on key and incredibly charming. He wore a wool suit even though it was in about 90 degrees and he told the crowd he just wanted to look good for them. Later in the show he switched to a suit that appeared to be hundred’s of 2 inch mirrors or reflective pieces of cloth. At one point he told everyone to call their babysitters because he’d forgotten how to end a set which drew a loud laugh from the audience. The lights must have been nearly unbearable because when the last song was played he took of his jacket and his shirt was soaked through.


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