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Blog Talk Radio

I did my first Blog Talk Radio show. You can find the show here if you’d like to listen to today’s show.

I was really surprised at how fast 15 minutes went by, but I was really glad I made show notes ahead of time. It made the show stay on track, but allowed me to speak freely.

My next show is Thursday at 10:30am and we’ll be having Book Talk. We will discuss The House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast as well as White Wolf by Lindsay McKenna.

No Mystery Here


Product description is as follows:

Manhood Herb Tea is made of broomrape (cistanchis herba) from the pollution-free high plateau of northwest China, with panax ginseng, astragalus, etc. It tastes great. Broomrape has alkaloids, etc. Ginseng has amino acids, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, selenium, panaxosides, RH2, etc, and s famous for its tonifying quality. Chinese medicine uses astragalus to enhance energy and support the immune system and considers broomrape an elixir for sexual functions.

I know that this is only funny if you’re like twelve, but they named the tea Manhood. It’s made to be funny.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Look what I made! Oh! The wonderful pleasure of chocolate. Devil’s food cake. I had planned to make a spice cake, but it was not to be.



This cake is so lovely and moist. Even my daughter, who won’t eat chocolate, is desperate to try it. I had one slice yesterday and it was every bit as good as I had hoped.


I have long wished to be a gardener. Generally, I want to garden vegetables. I like to be able to eat the fruits of my labor. Last year, I planted several kinds of tomatoes. I have a topsy turvy type deal. I got it for two dollars and the commercials were very convincing.

When I was a child, my mother and my stepfather grew tomatoes and watermelon. The watermelon were eaten by animals, but I remember the taste of the tomatoes. They were sweet and still warm from the sun. The had a little extra something that those grocery store fruits just never had.

As a matter of fact, I think most of the folks in my neighborhood grew something. The neighbors across the street had orange and grapefruit trees. They used to let us climb up and take what we wanted. When you grow something like that you always have more than you can handle and you’re trying to find someone, anyone, to take some. It’s awful for something so wonderful to go to waste.

I know a man next door to us used to keep pigeons. I don’t know if he ate them or not, but despite being somewhat crazy in other regards, he was kind to the birds. (Pigeons are apparently a very common food in France, so it’s not really gross if you think about it. I wouldn’t want to eat a New York City pigeon though. Ew.)

I put Jack down for his nap and I went out to settle in my plant. This year I only bought one. If I accidentally let it die, again, I am only out three bucks and a tiny bit of self esteem. (PLANT KILLER! PLANT KILLER! BLACK THUMB!)ff

Here’s to you, Kid.


Cancer. LOL. (via Reservoir Blog)

This is a very funny blog. A man’s very positive and realistic view of getting Cancer.

"It's the most sex I've had this year". Apparently, making mildly comedic smalltalk isn't the done thing when a stranger has your testicle clamped in a vice-like grip. It seemed to make him nervous. By 'him' I mean my cancer surgeon. Yup. I got cancer, yo. Strange to use the word really. Not only because as a 32 year old, non-smoking, teetotal Decathlete, it's not the done thing, but because having met 4 ultrasound administrators, 3 surgeons and … Read More

via Reservoir Blog

Weekend Update

This weekend was wonderful. It started with the Taste of Pinellas. I went with my mother to see Chris Isaak and have some wonderful food. I got some pretty crappy pictures of Chris Isaak. I’ll only share one. I might as well be sharing a stick figure. I wish I had brought my real camera as opposed to the iPhone.

Right as Chris was about to go on stage I noticed a giant bottle of Budweiser Select. I’d had one beer at this point and due to an extremely low tolerance for alcohol I thought I might be hallucinating. I was not. It turns out that they had a giant flame fueled bottle of Bud Select in the form of a hot air balloon. This is not an endorsement for Budweiser Select. My mother gave me half of a can towards the end of the show and let me tell you, it still sucks. I had Shock Top’s Belgian White earlier in the evening and it was wonderful. You should definitely try that.

Chris Isaak was wonderful. He was always on key and incredibly charming. He wore a wool suit even though it was in about 90 degrees and he told the crowd he just wanted to look good for them. Later in the show he switched to a suit that appeared to be hundred’s of 2 inch mirrors or reflective pieces of cloth. At one point he told everyone to call their babysitters because he’d forgotten how to end a set which drew a loud laugh from the audience. The lights must have been nearly unbearable because when the last song was played he took of his jacket and his shirt was soaked through.

>Something Borrowed

>This weekend I went to see “Something Borrowed.” I was really excited about it because it looked cute and had John Krasinski and Kate Hudson in it. I generally like the comedy they do, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. To a certain extent, I was correct. It was funny. It had it’s moments. Krasinski was 100%. Hudson understood her role and there couldn’t have been a better choice for her part.

I was totally sold with the leading man, Dex, until there was a scene where Rachel and Dex are facing each other. Dex reaches over to move a piece of Rachel’s hair, but instead of touching her face it seems like he does everything possible to only touch her hair. He practically had his pinky up. A man in love wants to touch his lover’s face. It’s intimate. It boggles the mind that such a big mistake could be made. (Also, he has weird hands.)

In addition, Dex is a total yes man. He’s afraid of his father at 30 years old. He was too afraid to be with Rachel when he had the chance (twice) and then I’m supposed to buy that she should be with him? No way. He’s a total chump. The only reason he was with Darcy in the first place was because she basically told him they were going to be together and he was too much of chump to set her straight.

The bottom line is that I liked the movie. I laughed out loud often. The ending really wasn’t what it should have been. I thought I was the only one, but as I exited the theater I heard the other patrons saying the same thing.