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>Happy Easter!

>Yesterday was a wonderful day with my kids at my grandma’s house. I was feeling a tiny bit queasy the whole time, but I felt better than I thought I would.

I can’t seem to shake whatever this mess is. I’ve been on antibiotics for over a week and on Friday the fevers started back up. We were at 102 degrees Friday night. Saturday, I was fever free, but I stayed on the Tylenol. Last night I started having night sweats. I’m not hot. I just wake up covered in moisture. My clothes and sheets are soaked and two inches of my hair near my scalp. It’s happening over and over. It’s like my sugar is low, but it shouldn’t be. I also don’t have a fever, so it’s not breaking and causing the sweats either. It’s not fun.

Today, I am cooking Easter dinner for my husband and my mother. I expect it will be pretty good, but I am not sure what I want for dessert. I know I am making chocolate chip cookies. (Chocolate chips were on sale this week, so I picked some up.)

Alright. This post is over. Some dogs are barking and waking up the baby and I need to clean my house before my mother comes in and freaks out.

>The Overnights

>Ever since I began treatment for this ear infection I have not be able to sleep at night. There’s a lot of drainage, but I could sleep through that. It’s the fevers that keep me up. My body feels like it’s burning up all around me. My face feels hard and leathery and very hot. A shower would make me feel better, but I’ve been showering twice a day as it is.

I know that this is not something I can simply will away. To a certain extent this is my fault anyway for not going to a doctor sooner. I do wish this would go away soon. Between the sleep deprivation and the crankiness that comes with it and the night sweats I feel like I am having menopause, despite being way too young for it.

>The Interview

>After the whole shoe debacle, I figured the interview better be good. In standard Courtney form, I got lost on the way there. The man who was interviewing told me to take exit 224. This would have been perfect if I was coming from the South. Unfortunately, I was coming from North of the facility so I needed to take exit 240. This made me late.

I considered just skipping the interview all together, but then I thought I did NOT spend like 5 hours in the mall shopping for shoes for this interview to end up not going. (Also, I remember how upset I got when people failed to show up or even call me when I was expecting them for an interview.) I called the HR department and explained that I missed my exit, apologized profusely, and then soldiered on. I arrived 15 minutes late. Normally, I would have been completely sweaty and freaked out. This time, I was beyond caring.

I walked in, announced my presence, and had a seat. The man who interviewed me came to collect me and I felt very relaxed. He had a very similar interview style to mine, so he didn’t bother asking a bunch of ridiculous questions. He simply sat and talked to me. He spent about 45 minutes talking about himself and the company and it was very comfortable. The other 15 minutes I was there were basically me talking about my management style, what makes me comfortable, and why I know I am worth what I am asking for and more.

I think I asked for more money than he could pay for that position, but I know he liked me and he wants to find a place for me in their organization if he can. He’ll let me know on Friday afternoon.

>Shoe Shopping is not for the Faint of Heart

>Monday, I was forced to endure one of my least favorite activities. I was forced to shoe shop. I had a job interview on Wednesday and I had clothing, thanks to my mother, but not a single pair of dress shoes.

Shoe shopping is something that a lot of other people love. I hear about people having closets full of shoes and I wonder how that can possibly bear the effort required to obtain them. Then I realize that it’s just me. For the same reason I have problems purchasing bras and other clothing, I have problems buying shoes. I wear a size ten.

When you walk into the ladies section there are shoes grouped by size and after size eight the groupings get smaller and smaller. When you get to size ten there are a quarter of the amount that they have for size seven. It always seems like they believe that all size tens and above work in circuses or strip clubs. Why do I want an orange flat with a giant orange flower on it? I don’t and neither does anyone else.

I was looking for a sensible office shoe. I wanted a black pair of pumps with a two inch heel. I went to the mall because they have many stores that sell shoes and that way Jack and I didn’t have to drive all over the city looking. I started at JC Penney because my mother told me they were having a sale. They were having a sale on Summer sandals, which did not help me out. I continued the search there anyway and found one pair that was acceptable, but it was more than I wanted to spend and after I inspected it more thoroughly, cheaply made.

I took the department store tour finding a pair at Payless and then later at Sears. The Payless shoes were 29.99, which is more than I am willing to pay for a shoe from that store. Since I only keep one dress shoe on hand they have to be up to every day wear and no matter what my mother says, Payless shoes are not meant for that. Also, if your feet sweat at all they stink like death.

The shoes at Sears were absolutely perfect. I loved them. Alas, they only had them in nine, ten wide, and eleven. Boxes and Boxes of elevens. I tried on the lone pair of ten wide and they were, of course, too big. I asked if they had any in the back and the lady barely acknowledge me enough to give me the very gruff Wal-mart motto of “Whatever is on the shelf.”

I finally left the mall, defeated. I mean, I found a baby baseball cap on clearance and I had been looking for one of those for weeks, but I left shoeless. I was going to attempt to find a Ross or a Marshall’s, but as I was pulling away from the mall I saw Peltz. Typically, Peltz is too expensive for me. They have great products, but the cost more than I want to spend. I figured it would be the same as always when I went in. Jack burst into tears the moments we got to the women’s shoe section. He wouldn’t calm down, which is so rare for him, and I thought I was going to have to leave. The salesperson came over thogh and he set aside his anguish to flirt with her. I then told her exactly what I was looking for and she led me straight to the proper section. She showed me a few that were out of my price range, but then we finally got to a pair that would be perfect. Sexy? No. Functional? Yes. The shoe pictured below, in standard black and not patent leather. It’s made by Easy Street and it’s called the Career Pump. I also planned to spend $30.00 and they we’re $29.99. SCORE!

Easy Street Women's Career Pump,Black Patent,9 B US