>How Not to Impress the Folks at the Diabetes Institute.


  • When asked to show up early to fill out paperwork for a class that starts at 2:30pm, show up at 2:27pm.
  • Conveniently run out of test strips during the class.
  • After conveniently running out of test strips, have your sugar crash.
  • When the instructor notices that you’ve suddenly started sweating, shaking, and breathing hard and asks you if you are ok, completely burst into tears and wail “I DON’T KNOW!”
  • Borrow another test strip from a fellow student and show the teacher your ridiculously low score, sending her into a fury getting you both glucose tablets and a glucose drink.
  • Allow the teacher and the class to discuss everything you ate for the last 24 hours and discover that you have completely failed to have anything resembling a normal carbohydrate intake. Green beans, despite the fact that I’ve eaten a ton of them, are not carbs.

The class was very informative and it helped me to see that I need to eat more and more often. To combat yesterday’s problem, I brought my appropriate snack bag. 

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