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>Weekend Update and Music Monday!

> This weekend flew by. We had dinner with my mother on Friday night. We went to Sweet Tomatoes. It’s one of those situations where the kids like getting to pick whatever they want to eat and I like that the choices are pretty healthy.

Saturday, we saw Toy Story 3. I cried a lot. I’m not going to give anything away, but I think if you liked the other two you’ll like this one. We had ice cream after the movie and then we went to our friend John’s house for dinner. John made homemade wings and french fries and our friend Norb brought some amazing pizza. It was from The Pizza Oven and if you are in the Tampa area and you like Pizza I recommend you try it. (Also, try the flan. I don’t even like flan most of the time and this was amazing. It wasn’t too gelatinous, if that makes any sense. I can’t deal with slime and this is a nice custard. Follow them on Twitter here.)

At one point during the evening, John’s dog dropped his bone down the stairs and chased it down. It sounded like a body to me, and I wasn’t the only one to think so. Before I could get to the stairs and find out if everyone was alright, my daughter yelled “Mom!? Are you okay?!” She knows me pretty well. I am the Queen of Clumsiness.

Sunday, we just chilled out at the house. Max and I made chocolate chip cookies. Annika played TMNT: Turtles in Time. I made a pretty sweet lunch that everyone actually liked for once. I made a pork loin, black beans and rice, and then we had a salad too. The black beans were really good. I didn’t even mess up the rice this time! It was like a pre-4th of July miracle. Especially when Annika cleaned her plate with minimal fuss AND said the beans were really good. I was thrilled.

Sunday night, James and I took it easy and had dinner at Steak N’ Shake. Is it wrong that I think Hardee’s has better onion rings? (I never used to eat there, but my husband says where he is from they have them all over the place and in some cases they are more popular than McDonald’s and Burger King. I only have had a few things there, but I like their Frisco sandwiches. My love of Sourdough bread strikes again, I suppose.) We came home, he played around on the computer, and I played Urbz: Sims in the City.

Now, Monday is here. I cried when I woke up because I didn’t want to get up and go, but then I told myself to stop being a baby. I’m having a baby, not becoming one. I don’t necessarily feel any better, but then I don’t feel any worse.

This work day was brought to you in part by the following:

Michael Buble – Cry Me a River.
(Very large opening, musically. I love it.)

No Doubt – Spiderwebs

OutKast – Morris Brown
(Yes, I do have a very weird taste in music. Very simply put, I like it. Well, unless I don’t.)

>Doctor’s Office Observations


  • When I ask upon arrival if you need a urine sample and you say you don’t and that I can feel free to use the restroom, it really is mean of you to change your mind ten minutes later. Especially when your response to my confusion is “You’re pregnant, you’ve got it in you.”
  • There was a woman exiting the waiting room. I noticed she had the word “Girl” tattooed on her wrist. Was she concerned that she might forget? Wouldn’t it be easier to look at your permanently affixed sex organ?
  • Asking me if I signed in as I’m leaving the office really makes no sense. How would you have known I was there if I didn’t sign in?
  • You should probably have your electrical equipment charged prior to my arrival. It’s slightly bizarre to have to wait because the light in the device that looks inside my ear isn’t charged.
  • My doctor’s office has food EVERYWHERE. He has granola bars and fruit that I like, but I always feel too guilty to take them. Is that weird? He also has candy in every room of his office. Apparently, he understands that dangers of a hungry pregnant lady, but has underestimated my need for his permission to take it. They need to have a sign that says “Take ONE.”

>WAKEY! WAKEY! Music for Monday.

>I heard the following on my way to work this morning. It made my day.

>Watch out for that bus!

>Urban Dictionary defines throwing someone under the bus as “to sacrifice some other person, usually one who is undeserving or at least vulnerable, to make personal gain.”(Granted, Urban Dictionary isn’t usually a reference I’d use.)

If you make a habit of doing this, it is going to drive me crazy. Beyond that, it makes me lose respect for you. It doesn’t even have to be me rolling around under there. I can’t deal with seeing it done to other people. The bottom line is that we should take responsibility for ourselves. If it’s not your fault, stop wasting time with tattling. Simply fix the problem and move on.

>Mid-Week Update

>It’s been a while, so I’ll start from last week. Pregnancy has taken my ability to stay up past ten and, until yesterday, I didn’t have a personal computer to use at home. Now that I have this laptop setup, I should be on a more normal schedule.

Last week was my son’s ninth birthday. It was hard to believe that he was already halfway to legal adulthood. Beyond that, it’s hard to believe that 9 years ago I had my first child and later this year I’ll be giving birth to my third child.

                                           Annika at Max’s birthday party.

I already feel so connected to this little unborn boy. I’m not able to think of him as a fetus or anything other than a baby. He moves around constantly. It feels like having a giant fish bowl in your body. We still have not decided on a name, but I’d be a big fat liar if I said I hadn’t fallen completely in love with the name Jack, though Jackson is also acceptable.

I’ve been watching huge amounts of The Big Bang Theory. It’s arguably my favorite show of all time, after Star Trek. I find myself laughing hysterically and almost to the point of tears. I feel like I know these guys. They remind me so much of my friends. If you’ve missed it, I recommend you catch up. Now. I’d also be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m terribly attracted to Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons. You know I can’t pass up a smug know it all.

An interesting thing that I learned this week. My husband vacuums the futon. Seriously. He uses a regular full size vacuum cleaner and no attachments. I suppose this is not terribly abnormal. It seems quite practical really, but I’ve always been the type of person to simply wash the cover.

This morning, I have a doctor’s appointment and then a long day at work.

Tomorrow, my son and his brother will be doing a fashion show at Countryside Mall. (He claims to be a fashion model now.) The show is at seven, so if you want to see children modeling mall clothes come see me!