>My Favorite things…

>I’m a happy person. I’d say happy go lucky, but I’ve got no luck. I’m also a morning person. This morning I was unpacking boxes and making up silly songs in my head and I began to think about all the things that make me so happy. Here they are:

  • Making people laugh, mostly children.
  • Clean sheets.
  • A bra that fits well.
  • Purring cats.
  • Swing sets.
  • Books.
  • Baking
  • Tight fitting socks.
  • Working.
  • My best friend Meg.
  • My favorite tea, Ahmad of London’s Earl Gray.
  • Playing video games in my boxer’s and a tank top.
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Walking on the beach.
  • Margarita’s and a Chimichanga at Vallarta’s.
  • Hammocks.
  • Back and foot rubs.
  • Clean Floors.
  • Dancing.
  • Collard greens or any other food made by my Grandmother’s.
  • Music
  • When someone other than me washes my hair.
  • Chocolate in many forms.
  • Science Fictions TV Shows and movies.

I suppose I could go on, but these are the things that make me the most happy.

I have always felt that we have to find ways to make ourselves happy. There are a lot of bad things that happen and a lot of good things. In order to be happy, I think we need to celebrate the little things so we can handle the bad things. Life is about balance.


About Courtney

32 and divorced. I have three children and I'm working my way through everything.

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  1. >A girl who loves Earl Gray tea and grocery shopping is a girl after my own heart.

  2. >I am terribly amused by the fact that because I have talked about belt buckles and my company so much that my adsense ads are for the company I work for.Also, I simply love food. Grocery shopping is great fun when you have the money.

  3. >Those are some cool buckles, not sure I can rock the Speed Racer one in court (though I’d like to!)

  4. >Thanks, SFL! The Western buckles seem big with lawyers. If only because it’s terribly cliche.

  5. >Who doesn’t love a good margarita??

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