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>Tampa Bay Tweet Up

>Last night, I attended the Tampa Bay Tweet Up at Walker Brands. I’ll admit, I was not sure how it would go. In the past, there was a strong emphasis on our time being our own and being able to move freely and mingle at will. It was made clear ahead of time that at this Tweet Up would have a heavy emphasis on branding complete with “Think Tanks” and “Brain Storming Sessions.”

This led to my group of friends wondering if we were, in fact, a brand. We decided that for the most part, we aren’t, though some of us have brand like qualities. I wondered where our place would be in the Tweet Up if we weren’t following the new train of thought. The truth is that our place is the exact same as it was before. We don’t come to brand. We come to network, and network, we did.

I am always amazed at the quality of people at these events. Everyone that I spoke to was engaging and seemingly intelligent. I suppose that should be the norm when attending networking events. I ended up randomly approaching people and having totally random conversations about everything. The question I like the most when attending a Tweet Up is “What do you do?” It gives me an opportunity to get the important stuff out of the way and it gives me a follow up question. I know it’s a lot to remember, so I’ll recap at the bottom of this post.

I was concerned that we would be forced to attend the “Think Tank,” but my fears were completely unfounded. In the end, I kind of wished I had gone to the “Future of the Tampa Bay Tweet Up” tank. I was too busy enjoying the company of everyone to break away though.

The event was just as unstructured as previous events and even more enjoyable. The Walker Brands building is just beautiful and the bathrooms are wonderful. The bathroom are unisex and very modern. I walked into the bathroom on the right side of the building and, there I was, in Times Square. There were honking horns and people walking across the street. I have never been to Times Square. It was almost like being there, with my pants down.

After the Tweet Up was done there were two after parties. One went to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and ours went to The Bungalow.

I went with my posse of trouble making friends (@johnhummel, @dorkland, and @Gnorb.) We thought the food was alright. My chicken was alright, but I don’t know that I would advise eating there. It was alright, but you can find better food elsewhere. I did like the location though. There were lots of trees and outside seating. We met up with @Tamparon, @JuliaGorzka, @Sigepjedi, @Sarahintampa, and some other nice people whose name I have forgotten and hope to remember later.

During that time, I disclosed to @johnhummel, @dorkland, and @Gnorb, that I continually have a song in my head. It’s from a children’s book called “Your Personal Penguin” and sung by Davy Jones. Yes, THAT Davy Jones. Here for your personal enjoyment is my favorite ear worm.

Oh, and one more thing, the bartender for the Tweet Up was very attractive. I vote that we hire him again.


>Special thanks to Chuckles.

>It’s 4:30am. I have not been to sleep yet. I’d still be wandering around Brandon if it wasn’t for Chuckles and his lovely associate. I think her name is Linda.

I left my house at 2:04am. I went over the Skyway Bridge and immediately took the wrong turn onto I-75 Southbound. I should have taken the Palmetto US41/US301 Exit. I ended up very far Southwest of where I needed to be. I stopped for gas and considered asking the attendant for directions at the first 7-11, but she was not polite and kind of looked like she was on Meth.

I carried on, going the wrong way some more, until I came to another 7-11. I thought to myself that the parking lot looked empty, so at least I wouldn’t be bothering anyone. The employees, Chuckles and Linda, immediately stopped what they were doing to help me figure out where I was and where I should be. Suddenly, we heard a loud commotion. We looked outside to see the parking lot was now full, completely. A club next door had closed and all of the club goers decided to simply move the party to the 7-11 parking lot. Classy AND sassy, if you ask me. People were dancing in the parking lot and everything.

Since I couldn’t go anywhere and I had figured out my next leg of my journey, I joined Chuckles outside while he smoked a cigarette. We started talking and he said he was a gamer, as in RPG’s. I asked him what he played. He said he played D&D and Cyberpunk. My eyes lit up. @rosswinn, my friend, had a part in writing Cyberpunk, I tell him. I tell him about @dorkland and his writing and publishing company. It was then on like Donkey Kong. Suddenly, we were discussing gaming, Goths, Star Trek Clubs, and conventions.

I ended up giving him a business card and a link to this site, so that he could connect to the rest of the dorks that I know and love.

About that time a police officer came and blared his siren. Everyone left, and so did I. Thanks to the infallible directions of Chuckles, I was where I needed to be in under ten minutes.

I just got home and even though I’m tired, I’m glad I collected another story to tell.

>Quick Weekend Update

>I have been experiencing some major changes in my life and I haven’t really had a chance to blog properly. This weekend has been a much needed break from the rush of the week.

I am transitioning from the old job to the new job, by working at both jobs. I am very tired, but it will make it seem like a relief when I don’t have to anymore. The new job will start at 10am, which will be a big change, but I suppose nice in the scheme of things. I’ll always have time for breakfast.

I am still searching for a new place to live. You can check out my progress at I’ve got until May 1st to find a place my brother and I can handle.

I joined the MOSI Virtual Ambassador Program. I can’t wait to share this wonderful place with you. For more information about the Museum of Science and Industry please click here!

>Thank you!


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the Bake sale for Relay for Life! We are just getting started and I hope to get a lot of chances to wear this hat! I just want to reiterate that EVERY penny that you donate for the cookies goes to the Relay. I am donating the ingredients!

Where can YOU get these awesome cookies for an excellent cause?!
Right here!

Where can YOU learn more about this event?
Right here!

>Food Review: Big John’s Alabama BBQ.

>Yesterday, my brother Cameron and I ventured out into Tampa to look at an apartment. On the way, we saw a giant smoke stack and Cam yelled “Stop! We are going THERE!”

The place in question was Big John’s Alabama BBQ. We walked into a place filled with the aroma of roasting meat. It was wonderful. I never know what to order because I want everything. Cameron ordered the chopped pork sandwich and I followed suit. Cameron ordered the slaw and beans. I ordered the macaroni salad and potato salad, so all of the sides were sampled.

Cameron scarfed the slaw down and loved it. He also liked the beans, but said he wanted to make his own at home later. I thought that the potato salad tasted alright, but that it had a much too liquid consistency. The macaroni salad also tasted as it should have, but it was not the best the restaurant has to offer.

After the opening act, it was time for the star of the show. It was time for the pork and barbecue sauce. I ordered my sauce on the side. Cameron did not. I tasted the pork first and it was wonderful. It was tender, juicy, and delicious. I tasted the sauce next. Cameron said that it tasted like ketchup with a lot of vinegar added to it. I agreed with him, but we both felt like it grew on you. It wasn’t bad at all.

Big John’s has the feel of a barbecue joint. The room has about 6 small tables, padded metal chairs, and plastic picnic style table clothes. You walk up to a big counter to order and they bring your food to you there. If you are thirsty they sell canned soda and I was very happy to find that they stocked Coca-Cola.

All in all, it was a good experience. The food was good. The pork was great. We were happy. My brother insists that I will take him there again.

Big John’s Alabama BBQ is located at 5707 N 40th St, Tampa, FL 33610‏.

Note: Due to the widening of 40th Street, Big John’s will be closing for three months starting on the first of April, 2009.

Big John's Alabama BBQ on Urbanspoon

>Thoughts on Watchmen. (NO spoilers.)

>Last night, I met up with friends to see Watchmen. I will freely admit, I never read Watchmen, but upon seeing the first trailer I knew I had to see it. Plans were made, excitement was built, and I was optimistic about it. I heard from my fellow Geek-kind that the movie was sure to be a horrible flaming disaster. We’ve been burned so many times by films claiming to be the next big thing, but were not worthy of the dollar we gave the homeless man on the way in.

We arrived a full two hours before the film was scheduled to start. We met with Meg, my partner in crime, for coffee at Starbucks. We were comprised of Chris (@dorkland), John Hummel (@johnhummel), John Hummel’s hat, and myself. We spoke at length about my failures in the relationship sector, Meg’s desire to take over my love life, my bizarre and mockable taste in music, and finally the upcoming film. At approximately 11:20pm we decided to say goodbye to the always lovely Meg and head for the theater.

We entered the theater, surrendered our tickets, and headed for theater 13. Upon arriving at the door of the theater, a young employee of the theater gave us a hard time and asked to see our tickets while repeatedly asking what movie we wanted to see. I was at least a head taller than him and I considered punching him in the face. I ended up giving him a “look” and stomping past him. I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!

The theater was approximately 3/4 full when we arrived. We found our seats about half way up and to the right. The theater was filled with predominately young, testosterone filled, morons. When the previews started there was clapping and screaming and I briefly considered going around and slapping people, but I did not.

The new Star Trek trailer had me bouncing on the edge of my seat. I was practically vibrating out of the chair. The Wolverine trailer looked pretty cool too. It was hard to see Hugh Jackman that way after his hosting gig a few weeks ago, but he totally embodies Wolverine, so I got over it.

Watchmen begins and again the crowd screams and claps. It’s been a long wait and we are eagerly anticipating the next 2 hours and 43 minutes. The film has a strong opening. If you aren’t familiar with the story it takes a few minutes to figure out what is happening, but everything is revealed in a pace that is pleasant and right. There are no premature plot twists. Everything was in good time. The characters are given time to develop and create a bond with the audience.

I thought that in a nearly three hour long movie there would be some serious lag. I expected it. I waited for it. The moment I began to feel like the story was taking too long, the pace immediately picked up. It felt like you took a moment to take a deep breath and in retrospect, I would need it later.

This film had everything. A strong opening, many characters with adequate character development, a storyline that was not overly predictable, flesh, and a good amount of blood and guts (but not so much that it made it campy, dumb, or the focus of the film.) Even the ending was satisfying and made sense in the scheme of things.

I would definitely recommend that you see this film. I would not recommend that you take a child to see this film. There are adult themes and scenes. A friend of mine took his son to see the Dark Knight, which I completely disagreed with. This is a lot less appropriate for children.