>Whoa! What happened?

>If you have been following my blog by using the URL http://www.courtneyschoenfeld.com/ you might have noticed that you have been transported to my new blog located at blogspot.com. I have wanted to have two separate blogs for a while, but until now I haven’t had a real reason to do so.

I now have been nudged by fate to create and maintain this new and exciting place. I hope that the transition is smooth sailing.

Are you new? Leave me a comment and introduce yourself.

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About Courtney

32 and divorced. I have three children and I'm working my way through everything.

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  1. >Thank you! I never meant to shut anyone out. I’m just glad I could get it fixed right away.

  2. >you did fine and I look forward to your rants and raves once again…

  3. >Hello and Peace be with you from Father Wade+ AKA FriarWade. Have a great weekend! I think my blog is at http://GoStAndy.blogspot.com but I could be wrong. :-)Peace!Father Wade+Lakeland, FLhttp://Twitter.com/FriarWade

  4. >Yes, Polka dots. That’s probably temporary. It was a theme I could live with.Hi Father Wade! I am now following your blog.

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